August 2020 Numerology Predictions

August 2020 Numerology Predictions

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August, though in the peak of summer, reminds us that everything is a cycle -- one minute we're indulging in long summer days, soaking up the sun, but the very next, fall is in the air, the weather is cooling and families are preparing for back to school. Change is inevitable and time is uncontrollable, making moments like August even more precious. Now is the time for rejuvenation, the time to make the most of what we have right in front of us.

Your personal Sun Number is used to calculate your Personal Month cycles, and those cycles predict the type of life you'll lead each month. If you don't already know your Sun Number, click here to find out. Once you know your Sun Number, look it up below to read your predictions for the month ahead.

Sun Number 1

For those with a Sun Number 21, August 2020 is a 4 Personal Month in a 5 Personal Year. Your career may be demanding and a bit frustrating now. You need to attend to routine matters, some of which may be boring. This is not a time to slack, so don't procrastinate. Commit to your responsibilities and see projects through to completion. This month could bring a welcome opportunity on the job front, but your success will depend upon your willingness to stand up for yourself, to take charge of circumstances, and to refuse being victimized by outside events. You need the courage to stand up for your beliefs, to do the right thing.

This is a month to make important changes in your life -- start a diet and/or exercise regimen, quit smoking, dedicate yourself to a good cause, and reconnect to your higher spiritual values. This is the month to make fundamental and positive long-term changes in your life.

It's important to demonstrate to those around you that you are dependable and can be relied upon. This affects both your work and love life. You can impress all of those around you with your sense of duty and trustworthiness now.

Sun Number 2

August 2020 is a 5 Personal Month in a 6 Personal Year for those with a 2 Sun Number. This month brings some changes in work and your personal life. It is a dynamic time and nothing goes according to plan, so it's better to play things by ear.

Your career progresses well now as a result of your enhanced ability to find creative solutions. You can make a good impression on some people who are in a position to reward you. There can, however, be a confrontation between you and a co-worker, with long-ranging effects. The outcome will depend on your personal strength and self-confidence. If you are involved in business deals or legal affairs, some surprising changes may take place this month.

In all areas of your life, flexibility and adaptability are important. Traveling, perhaps across the ocean, is possible and favorable. Your friends and family also require a lot of attention now. Social gatherings are frequent and can bring new relationships into your life. Romance is exciting, so be socially active. If you are single, you could meet someone who will be a permanent part of your life.

Sun Number 3

For those with a Sun Number 3, August 2020 is a 6 Personal Month in a 7 Personal Year, and with it comes stability and quiet. There is recognition and respect at work, but also the possibility that someone else takes credit for your effort. Apply yourself diligently. Responsibility and duty rule this month. There is a possibility for financial gain, probably from a source other than work.

Your family and friends need your love and attention; give it freely. Especially give your time and advice to a younger person. There is a lot of love that surrounds you now, but you may not be aware of it. Your attention is focused inward and you may want more time alone than you actually have. Maintain balance. The people close to you need attention and you should be there for them. Your spouse or romantic partner requires much of you this month, too, and your relationship can deepen as a result.

Sun Number 4

August 2020 is a 7 Personal Month in an 8 Personal Year for those with a Sun Number 4. The emphasis shifts from outgoing to inward-seeking now. You are more serious and self-reflective, questioning the wisdom of some of your decisions and choices made during the past 10 - 12 months. You keep to yourself, and are generally less social.

You are engrossed in your work now, and feel a need to do a better job. Your desire for perfectionism is strongly enhanced, which results in self-criticism and impatience with others. At the root of this change in attitude is a spiritual need for clarity and understanding. You want more security, both internally as well as in your more worldly roles. You would do well spending some time alone for contemplation and meditation. In this respect, August stands out during this otherwise "material" year.

Family and friends take a backseat during this period. There are strong feelings connected to your relationships with your loved ones, but these are experienced and expressed more subtly. Romance becomes more serious as well. You share mental, spiritual, and emotional experiences on the deepest level. There is no room for superficial exchanges. Your relationship with the person you are attracted to intensifies and becomes stronger as a result.

Sun Number 5

For those with a Sun Number 5, August 2020 is an 8 Personal Month in a 9 Personal Year. It brings financial matters to the foreground, so take a close look at your financial situation and adjust your lifestyle accordingly; pay off debts, tie up loose ends. Clean up this area of your life. Often, an 8 Personal Month/9 Personal Year brings a stroke of luck: a payment from a forgotten source or an inheritance. Use any extra income you might have to pay off your debts. You are facing a future that requires some risk-taking or investment. Perhaps you have been thinking about a complete career change, or starting your own business. Either way, you need to get a clean slate before the end of the year. You also receive recognition and compliments for effort put out in the past, which may result in a promotion.

Romance is in better shape now than the last two months. If you are committed to someone and have experienced some troubles in the relationship, you should find stability and comfort this month. If you are single, you may meet someone through work or business.

Sun Number 6

For those with a Sun Number 6, August 2020 is a 9 Personal Month in a 1 Personal Year, and it promises some important changes. The previous year, a 9 Personal Year, and this year, your 1 Personal Year, are considered a two-year block of time in which much wrapping up of old business, habits, and personal relationships takes place. Now, this month represents the concluding stage of that two-year period. The last quick sweep of outdated concepts and expectations, confusions, and doubts is done.

With the beginning of next month, your inner house will be thoroughly cleaned. There will be a few moments of unexplainable emotional upsets, melancholy, and such, but they are essentially the remnants of the old you. Share those feelings with someone close to you. Take comfort in heart-to-heart talks. Still, do not doubt that you now have both feet firmly planted in the new nine-year cycle. You are ready to move ahead.

Sun Number 7

August 2020 is a 1 Personal Month in a 2 Personal Year for those with a Sun Number 7. It brings new energy and a kind of restoration of life. There is a feeling of rebirth and excitement, a brightness in the air that wipes away any last residues of last month's bouts of gloominess and self-doubt. You want a change, a challenge, some goal toward which you can direct your enthusiasm. Well, that's what this month will bring. A new project, a career change ... something new. Keep in mind, however, that you are planting seeds now that must be nurtured and cultivated over the next year or so. In other words, you must remain focused on this dream to nurture it properly over time. Don't take chances financially now. Your optimism may make you impulsive and vulnerable. Remain cautious and research all propositions brought to you.

You will likely be introduced to new people this month and, if you are not already involved, one of them may evolve into a passionate romance. Here, also, the careful approach can save some future heartache. The child in you is very much alive now, trusting and believing that everything is what it seems. While this is a very promising time for romance, keep in mind that a certain amount of rational examination is necessary to protect yourself. Wait until the end of next month before you surrender your heart to the person you are attracted to.

Sun Number 8

For those with a Sun Number 8, August 2020 is a 2 Personal Month in a 3 Personal Year. It requires a sensitive and cooperative attitude at work and in all other areas. You are upbeat and optimistic during the early part of this month, but an anticipated reward or recognition may go to someone else, much to your dismay. Your challenge is to set the record straight by using your diplomatic skills. Do not allow anger to alienate you from those involved. Otherwise, relationships go favorably this month. You are in a position to smooth out some long-standing disagreements between people close to you. Often, these disagreements do not involve you directly. You have the opportunity to serve as a peacemaker.

Romance is also strongly represented and highly favorable now. Your feelings are strong and your ability to communicate these feelings is enhanced. It's a good month to spend some extra time with your lover.

Sun Number 9

August 2020 is a 3 Personal Month in a 4 Personal Year for those with a Sun Number 9. It's a good time for some relaxation. You will find your workload a little less demanding and may want to take some time off. You are upbeat and optimistic and able to inspire and uplift others. Do not take matters so seriously this month. It's a time of enhanced creativity and practical application. You are original in your approach to problem-solving. You receive inspiring ideas and are able to turn some of them into reality. You impress others with your deep understanding of the issues.

This month also brings spiritual realizations and insights. You are more aware of the underlying forces that are at play in your life and in the world around you. The challenge of this month is in overcoming a fear. You may find yourself confronting some injustice, and it may be necessary to meet that injustice alone. Stand up for yourself! Be wise, but do not seek to avoid the issues.

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