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Numerology Personal Month forecast

August 2020 Numerology Forecast

Reveal the Numerology energy behind your Personal Month forecast

By Numerologist.com Staff

According to Numerology, August 2020 is a 3 Universal Month (8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 12, and 1 + 2 = 3).

The 3 is characterized by creative expression and a whirlwind of social activity. August is going to be a busy month!

After the collective soul-searching of the last four weeks, this month comes as a welcome break. It's hard to take yourself too seriously when the number 3 shows up, so we'll all be on the lookout for fun! Schedule in plenty to grab life by the horns, whatever that means for you.

Authentic self-expression looks set to get a boost under this Numerology, too.

That important conversation you've been meaning to have with your other half?

Meeting with your boss about a possible promotion?

Or simply crafting the perfect social media post to say what you really mean...

These are all the kinds of communication scenarios this month will ease the way for. So, seize the opportunity to really say what you mean.

Yet, with the kind of authentic self-expression that August demands, criticism and judgment may well follow. When you're truly honest with the world, you turn yourself into an open book, so work on thickening your skin just a little as well.

Realize that criticism usually says more about the perpetrator than the victim. So you do get stung, try not to take it all to heart. The likelihood is, though, that we'll all be in the mood to charm and keep the good times rolling.

As the number of the child, numerologists tend to recognize the 3 as the bringer of childlike wonder, fun, and games. Keep your eyes and your options open -- and prepare to be delighted!

This is the collective energy that August 2020 carries. Combine this with your Personal Month number for a more in-depth and aligned personal prediction.

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How to Calculate your Personal Month number

To calculate your Personal Month number, you'll need to add your Personal Year number to the current month number (that's the month number -- which for August is always 8 -- and not the Universal Month number we've just described!)

Then reduce this to a single digit and look it up below to read your Numerology forecast for the month ahead.

Wondering how to find your Personal Year number? It's easy:

  • First, reduce your day and month of birth to a single digit. If you were born on July 16, your calculation goes like this: 7+ 1 + 6 = 14, and 1 + 4 = 5.
  • Next, reduce the current year to a single digit. For 2020, this is 4, because 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4.
  • Lastly, add these two numbers together, and reduce to a single digit
  • So for the person born on July 16, 5 + 4 = 9. They're in a Personal Year number 9.

Back to the Personal Month number...

Now, simply add your Personal Year number to the current month number (which for August is 8), reduce if necessary, and voila! You have calculated your Personal Month number!

So our friend with the birthday on July 16 would work out 9 + 8 = 17, and 1 + 7 = 8. For her, August 2020 is an 8 Personal Month.

What's yours?!

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Personal Month 1 Forecast (if you're in a 2 Personal Year number)

If you're in a Personal Year number 2, then August 2020 is a Personal Month 1.

Time for a fresh start?

For you, August is encouraging you to start something new and take a bold step in a new direction.

This doesn't have to be a total life U-turn, but you do need to be honest with yourself about what you've been avoiding. The Numerology of the 1 is moving through your life strongly this month, so it's your chance to be brave.

Take baby steps.

Make that call.

Send that email.

Apply for that position.

Nobody will believe in you until YOU start believing in you! So prove your worth to yourself first this month. Independence is worth cultivating, and if you're someone who normally needs a lot or reassurance or works as part of a team, try trusting your instincts a little. By the time the month is out, you could be a completely new person!

You may find yourself in a position where you're being called into leadership over the next few weeks. Don't shy away from it! Others need what you have to offer -- and the 1 has your back.

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Personal Month 2 Forecast (if you're in a 3 Personal Year number)

If you're in a Personal Year number 3, then August 2020 is a Personal Month 2.

The influence of the number 2 means that you'll probably be feeling a little more sensitive this month, than at other times.

Numerologists regard the 2 as one of the numbers of psychics, as it tends to encourage deep and strong connections. Connection to your inner voice -- your intuition and the whisper of your sixth sense -- and connection to the other people in your life.

Unlike the independence you likely felt last month, over the next 30-ish days, you will need others around. Relationships will take your focus, so work on deepening into the ones you have and don't shy away from forming new ones.

You'll feel altogether happier if you've got someone to talk to/share with/unburden yourself onto. And you'll also be happy to take that role for somebody else! So whether it's your relationship partner of 40 years, or the stranger at the bus stop, make the effort to slow down for a moment and start that meaningful conversation.

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Personal Month 3 Forecast (if you're in a 4 Personal Year number)

If you're in a Personal Year number 4, then August 2020 is a Personal Month 3.

Are you ready?!

This is your yearly high point on the fun-o-meter, as the influence of the number 3 ripples through your month!

The 3 usually brings a welcome wave of lightheartedness, as it's hard to stay serious when the number of the child shows up.

We can often feel the need to take center stage during a 3 Personal Month. This may not mean a literal stage, but you'll be less likely to shy away from attention and happier to speak your mind.

Look for ways to let your creative side loose.

Maybe you've always wanted to take up salsa dancing? Or make your own clothes? With so many online classes available now, there's no excuse not to indulge your artistic urges. And the energy of the 3 will give you a numerological leg up, in whatever you choose!

Make sure you cram in the socializing this month. Your natural charm levels are through the roof, so this is the ideal time to mix and mingle in whatever ways you can. The numbers don't lie!

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Personal Month 4 Forecast (if you're in a 5 Personal Year number)

If you're in a Personal Year number 5, then August 2020 is a Personal Month 4.

Phew! After the fun and games of last month, this is time to root down and get to work.

Your personal energies align to make this the ideal time to instill a little structure.

What's your game plan this month?

What do you want to achieve, and how are you going to get there?

In Numerology, the number 4 loves to get organized, so the less you leave to chance this month, the better. But this cycle is not all about the planning! You must get practical, and take real, tangible steps. DO the work, don't just sit around talking about it!

For some, the Numerology of the 4 can also align strongly with money and wealth, and if you're able to get strategic, August looks to be a profitable month! Work slowly and steadily and you could well win that race!

Try not to get locked into looking at the details, however. When too much work and responsibility seems to fall into a number 4 Personal Month, it can all become too much, and you may feel the sky crashing down...

Keep your gaze up and your perspective wide. Squeeze a little downtime into that hearty work schedule, or you could end up a very dull person.

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Personal Month 5 Forecast (if you're in a 6 Personal Year number)

If you're in a Personal Year number 6, then August 2020 is a Personal Month 5.

Time to stretch those wings!

The Numerology of the 5 brings a frequency of exploration and adventure, meaning it won't take much for you to start feeling restless. Find plenty of ways to have fresh experiences. Whatever feels just a little bit beyond your comfort zone is where to begin!

The 5 also brings opportunity. Coming halfway through the cycle, this is a great time for any course correction as you look to the future. After the hard, hard work of last month, what would you like to carry forward? And what is it time to leave behind?

While this number's energy is all about spontaneity and freedom, it's still wise to think carefully about where the cracks in your life are appearing. It's time to patch them up or make a change and start again. Your choice.

August is also an ideal month for you to tend to your physical health. 5 is the number of the body, so how is yours treating you? Or, more importantly, how are you treating it? Anything you can do to boost your vitality will be supported by this numerological energy, so make it count.

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Personal Month 6 Forecast (if you're in a 7 Personal Year number)

If you're in a Personal Year number 7, then August 2020 is a Personal Month 6.

The Numerology of August brings an increase in responsibility for you, which likely involves friends, family, or caretaking duties. Your energy will expand, but this is nothing to feel daunted by! The 6 tends to carry a compassionate, loving vibration, so being the rock for others to rely on will feel natural.

However, be careful not to over-give, and in turn, neglect your own needs.

There can be a tendency, when these numbers show up, to shoulder too much responsibility and start expressing martyr-like tendencies. There may be times over the next four weeks when you must realize that it's possible to do too much for others!

Fill your own cup first and offer love only when it overflows.

If you're on the lookout for romance, then this could be your lucky month. The 6 will be honing your gaze towards all the "right things" and anyone who catches our eye could be a keeper!

If you're already coupled up, then dive into your relationship. This is a great time to deepen your intimacy and reach greater levels of understanding.

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Personal Month 7 Forecast (if you're in an 8 Personal Year number)

If you're in a Personal Year number 8, then August 2020 is a Personal Month 7.

Solitude, quietude, and a whole lot of space are likely going to be the things you're seeking out this month.

The energy of the 7 tends to be introverted, so if there's too much hustle and bustle around (or just the day-to-day activities of a busy household) then you may feel you're fighting an uphill battle.

Try to let a few appointments or responsibilities go. Don't force yourself to engage anytime someone wants to socialize. This is a valuable monthly window for soul-searching, so give yourself the gift of a little time out.

Yes, this does feel counterintuitive to most of us, especially if you've got a busy work schedule or social life. But the 7 comes as an important signifier in Numerology that there's some internal processing you need to do. It's an important time, so resist rushing through your days.

A regular journaling practice could be valuable this month, which will help you to sort through your thoughts, and adding a daily spiritual practice will allow you to delve into some of the deeper questions that will likely rise.

Try to release any notions that you should be "making progress" or achieving more than you are. Trust that you are in the right place at the right time, and there's no need to yearn for more.

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Personal Month 8 Forecast (if you're in a 9 Personal Year number)

If you're in a Personal Year number 8, then August 2020 is a Personal Month 8.

August brings a time of self-empowerment and realization.

This is a strong vibration to carry you through the month, so use it wisely. As the number of flow and balance, you're being called to understand the power that you hold and to rethink how you express it into the world.

For most people, this usually means their work and career:

How much value are you contributing?

Is your work in integrity with your values?

Is the power you wield a force for good?

These are big questions, yet the 8 is urging you to answer them.

If you're channeling your power honestly and wisely, then you can expect favorable financial rewards to roll in. Most numerologists associate this number with money, and there's a lot of potential this month for you to make some!

So don't be afraid to take a risk or make an investment ... put yourself out there (with principles upheld) and this could be your lucky day (or month)!

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Personal Month 9 Forecast (if you're in a 1 Personal Year number)

If you're in a Personal Year number 1, then May 2020 is a Personal Month 9.

This is an important month of closure and change.

When the 9 appears in Numerology, it brings the end of a cycle and a time to say goodbye.

Can you tell what this refers to?

Perhaps it obvious. For many, this number coincides with natural endings. But for some, it may come as a surprise, and you may be asked to release something you're not ready to let go of.

Above all, the 9 asks for grace and forgiveness. This month will likely bring healing energy too, so it's really important you offer yourself kindness and compassion, even in tricky circumstances.

Endings can be scary, yet with every ending comes a new beginning! The future is waiting for you, so use the next four weeks to create space in your life for what is to come. Without embracing the meaning of this important month, you'll find it difficult to grow and evolve. Trust the unknown!

You may find it soothing to offer your time and energy to a charitable cause this month. Working alongside people who have a lot less than you will be especially enlightening, so consider volunteering or campaigning for a cause you believe in.

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