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Single-digit numbers are the building blocks of Numerology

Get to know the unique personalities of the numbers...

Numerology Personal Month forecast

August 2022 Numerology Forecast

Reveal the Numerology energy behind your Personal Month forecast

By Numerologist.com Staff

According to Numerology, August 2022 is a 5 Universal Month (8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 14 and 1 + 4 = 5).

5 Universal months are always interesting times.

Coming midway through the numerological cycle, the 5 stands like a pivot point around which the other numbers spin.

This can cause a restless, curious, freedom-loving and adventurous spirit. Under this frequency, we often seek change, variety and anything other than the daily, humdrum lives we most often lead!

Yet this kind of monthly energy can be sabotaging, if not kept in check. Avoid throwing the towel in on what you've worked SO hard to build up already this cycle! Instead, find ways to let originality, diversity, and difference into your days.

What can you do differently today?

What will make this weekend stand out?

What plans can you make, to keep your excitement levels high?

The circumstance of what change is "good" change will be different for us all -- for some, this 5 energy may feel mighty unsettling. For you sure-footed folk, "trust," "grace," and "surrender" are your buzzwords for the month. The changes ushered in by the number 5 will always, ultimately, be in your highest good.

August is also a great month to experience life through your 5 senses. As the number of the body, the 5 encourages full embodiment! So...

  • Fill your house with flowers
  • Cook all your favorite flavors
  • Wear your silkiest garments
  • Gaze on the more beautiful views
  • Listen to your favorite songs

This is a month to indulge.

This is the collective monthly forecast for August 2022.

Combine this with your Personal Month number for a more in-depth and aligned personal forecast.

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How to calculate your Personal Month number

To calculate your Personal Month number, you'll need to add your Personal Year number to the current month number (that's the month number -- which for August is always 8 -- and not the Universal Month number we've just described!)

Then reduce this to a single digit and look it up below to read your Numerology forecast for the month ahead.

Wondering how to find your Personal Year number? It's easy:

  • First, reduce your day and month of birth to a single digit. So if you were born on July 16, your calculation goes like this: 7 + 1 + 6 = 14, and 1 + 4 = 5.
  • Next, reduce the current year to a single digit. For 2022, this is 6, because 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6.
  • Lastly, add these two numbers together, and reduce to a single digit.
  • So for the person born on July 16, 5 + 6 = 11 and 1 + 1 = 2. They're in a Personal Year Number 2.

Back to the Personal Month number...

Now, simply add your Personal Year number to the current month number (which for August is 8), reduce if necessary, and voila! You have calculated your Personal Month number!

So our friend with the birthday on July 16 would work out 2 + 8 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1. For her, August 2022 is a 1 Personal Month.

What's yours?!

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Personal Month 1 Forecast (If you're in a 2 Personal Year)

The energy of the 1 is appearing for you this month, bringing powerful encouragement to break out of your comfort zone.

Maybe you've been a little complacent recently? Cruising along without really challenging yourself to aim any higher?

Well, it's time to switch things up.

The 1 brings a force of creativity and passion -- and you need to take this and act on it!

Think about whether you've been putting yourself first recently.

Alternatively, have you been bending over backward for others?

Over the next four weeks, you will be challenged to rebalance your energy and claim your independence. Happiness can be found by indulging a little in your own self-interest. There is nothing wrong with making time for yourself!

Just watch out for the impulsive streak that this number could bring! This is no time to sabotage what IS working in your life and relationships. Instead, work to refine what's not been serving you.

In work, it's likely that new opportunities will come your way -- so be ready to catch them with open arms.

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Personal Month 2 Forecast (If you're in a 3 Personal Year)

Things could get a little emotional this month!

The frequency of the 2 comes into your life during this four-week period to remind you of the strength inherent in your feelings.

Situations will likely arise that stir up your emotional body. But rather than ignoring what's going on beneath the surface, you're being invited to dive right in.

If you're someone who's ruled by their logical mind (hello number 4s!), this could prove a challenge. Yet relating to the people in your life from this place of sensitivity will help you grow.

As a result, your intimate relationships are set for a boost. Friendships, as well as partnerships at work, can improve now, so take the opportunity to collaborate and make some strong connections.

Just be sure to stand your ground when it counts. The energy of the 2 could, at times, turn you into a people pleaser. And this means you could be in danger of losing yourself in the agendas of others, especially those strong-willed folks.

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Personal Month 3 Forecast (If you're in an 4 Personal Year)

Ready for a little fun?

This is a month to let your hair down, as the frequency of the 3 favors all things light-hearted. Other people will enjoy your wit and wisdom, so turn up the charm!

Self- expression always gets a boost when the 3 shows up in Numerology, so this is also a great time to work on your communication skills.

If you’re naturally shy, then push yourself to speak up when it counts -- you may surprise yourself. And if you're used to taking center stage in the social department, then use this opportunity to hone your delivery and speak from the heart. People are listening, so make it count.

The 3 is also one of the most creative numbers of them all, making this YOUR month to turn your life into art.

Your work, studies, family life, home life, hobbies, diet, and routines can all benefit from this frequency! So let it enter in, by opening your eyes to a fresh perspective.

The 3 reminds us of what it was like when you were a child, and the whole world was full of possibilities. Well, guess what? Nothing has really changed!

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Personal Month 4 Forecast (If you're in a 5 Personal Year)

After the fun and games of the last four weeks, this month is calling you to get a little more serious.

You're poised to make a lot of progress in your work now, but you'll need to channel this energy wisely and avoid scattering your attention.

  • Set yourself daily goals.
  • Write yourself lists.
  • Find ways to measure your progress.

Staying organized will not only bring you sense of satisfaction, but it will also help you know when enough is enough! Because at times, this energy could push you into workaholic territory. Avoid this by adding in downtime to your daily schedule.

The family unit will also come into your awareness this month, in more obvious ways than usual. You may be called to restructure the time you spend together or make plans for the future (time to book a holiday, perhaps?!).

While you may have less bandwidth to be emotionally available to the people you love this month, offer them what you do have: time, money, skills, or smiles!

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Personal Month 5 Forecast (If you're in a 6 Personal Year)

There's no sugar-coating it, this month brings change.

You may find that you feel suddenly uninterested in what you've been doing for the past few months. The outward-looking, adventurous energy of the 5 easily feels bored and constricted, so you'll be seeking out new experiences to quell your desire for something different.

Beware of self-sabotage.

And beware of leaping into the first new idea that sparks you interest! The 5 can make us all feel scattered and unable to focus, so dip your toe into a few new things but don't invest too much time or energy in any area just yet, or you could be sorry.

Spend time with people who inspire you. Listen to their stories and soak up their advice. This could be a time for re-direction in your work or line of study. Follow what inspires you.

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Personal Month 6 Forecast (If you're in a 7 Personal Year)

This is time for family.

The 6 comes into your life this month as a reminder to focus on the people around you. This Numerology means you'll likely want to spend more time at home than going out socially, so stock up on tea and cookies (or wine and crackers!) and send out a few invitations.

You may also be called to tackle problems at home, particularly between siblings or you and your significant other. The general energy is supportive and compassionate, so agreements will be met under this frequency and anxieties quelled.

Watch out for any impatient tendencies. If you're waiting on others to make decisions that affect you, frustration could spike. Realize this is your issue to deal with, and nobody else's.

For this reason, practicing mindfulness and acceptance will really serve you this month -- as will learning to lower your super-high standards, just a little!

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Personal Month 7 Forecast (If you're in a 8 Personal Year)

This month's Numerology is urging you into some deep self-reflection.

Take a little time out from your usual demands (yes you do have permission to do this!) and ask yourself what you'd like to do instead. The 7 favors study, research, meditation, and journaling -- all kinds of activities that will help you eek-out the true you.

This is also a useful month for a little experimentation. If there's an avenue of interest that's been calling to you, then try it on for size. You don't need to tell anyone what you're doing!

Like the number 2, the 7 is one of the most spiritual numbers in Numerology. So when it shows up in a prediction like this, it indicates the potential for spiritual development and inquiry. This could be a good month for you to find a healer, mentor, or someone to guide you through a journey of personal growth.

Yet, the most important thing for you to realize about this month's frequency is that there are no expectations! So let go of that to-do list!

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Personal Month 8 Forecast (If you're in a 9 Personal Year)

This month brings some strong Numerology for you.

The 8 can align with ambitious moves and ladder-climbing, so it could be time for a promotion. If you're self-employed, then make the space for new clients to come your way or prepare to increase your workload with those you have.

As the number of flow, expect some negotiation to be required in an 8 Personal Month. Don't let a little back-and-forth put you off. This Numerology has the reputation for easy rewards, but that's not always true. Expect to work for your money!

This is also a good time for you to make investments -- property, jewelry, or investing in yourself through personal development. All are worthwhile under this frequency.

The 8 is also the number of balance. So, try to keep your attention evenly spread across all areas of your life. It may be tempting to get while the getting's good, but you need to take care of your physical health too, not to mention your family dynamics.

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Personal Month 9 Forecast (If you're in a 1 Personal Year)

With the close of the year comes the end of a cycle for you.

This 9 Personal Month will likely bring up mixed feelings.

The 9 ushers in closure and release, so you'll be asked to let things go from your life. Perhaps a new relationship will prove to not be what you thought it was, or an opportunity you were looking forward to may slip away.

Let your attitude be grace and surrender.

The 9 brings lessons in sacrifice but it also brings lessons in trust. Whatever you let go of this month will help you make space for something greater. A brand-new cycle is beginning for you next month, and you're being prepared for it now.

As an idealistic number, you may feel a certain amount of dissatisfaction this month. Try not to watch the news or plug into social media too much, as it will likely fuel any disillusionment. Instead, make time for creativity, and the people in your life you care for.

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