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Numerology Personal Month

April 2021 Numerology Forecast

Reveal the Numerology energy behind your Personal Month forecast

By Numerologist.com Staff

This month's energy holds very, very valuable lessons around letting go.

Whenever the 9 shows up in a forecast like this, it's easy to start to quake, thinking that change is coming, and things you'd grown used to are going to make a swift exit. (and that's scary, right?!) And that IS true. Yet this numerology reminds us all, that the release carried by the 9 can be hugely enlivening!

As the last number in the numerology cycle, the 9 always brings closure. And its purpose is to free you. To free up your time, your attention, and your life-force energy, so that you can focus on the true purpose of your life.

This numerology will likely show up where you've been getting distracted. Where you've been avoiding looking yourself square in the eye, and doing the work you came here to do. Whatever exits your life this month, is not in service of that. So willingly let it go.

This may mean simply releasing. Putting a big full stop on a work project, or a partnership that's been going nowhere, and ending it without regrets.

Or some work may be involved. If there's a string of loose ends that you need to tie up – paperwork, unkept promises, even clutter or belongings in a place they shouldn't be, then use this time to bring those things to a state of completion. Do the work to free yourself up.

Avoid taking on any new responsibilities during this calendar month. Yes: research, meet, chat, plan, but do not commit yourself to anything if you can avoid it. This numerology is all about drawing away and making space, so be careful not to fill it back up before you've even gone there!

Do everything with kindness and compassion. Have respect for others – they too are moving through this powerful ending time. And have forgiveness for yourself. You may come to regret past choices, but realize that every move that brought you here, was made in good faith. And you are in exactly the perfect spot for the future that is coming your way.

This is the collective monthly prediction for April 2021.

Combine this with your personal month number for a more in-depth and aligned personal prediction.

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How to Calculate Your Personal Month Number

To calculate your personal month number, you'll need to add your personal year number to the current month number (that's the month number – which for April is always 4 - and not the Universal Month number we've just described!)

Then reduce this to a single digit, and look it up below to read your numerology forecast for the month ahead.

Wondering how to find your Personal Year Number? It's easy:

  • First, reduce your day and month of birth to a single digit. So if you were born on July 16, your calculation goes like this: 1 + 6 + 7 = 14, and 1 + 4 = 5.
  • Next, reduce the current year to a single digit. For 2020, this is 4, because 2 + 2 = 4.
  • Lastly, add these two numbers together, and reduce to a single digit.
  • So for the person born on July 16, 5 + 4 = 9. They're in a Personal Year Number 9.

Back to the Personal Month Number…

Now, simply add your Personal year Number to the current Month Number (which for April is 4), reduce if necessary, and voila! You have calculated your Personal Month Number!

So our friend with the birthday on July 16 would work out 9 + 4 = 13, 1 + 3 = 4. For her, April 2021 is a 4 Personal Month.

What's yours?!

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Personal Month 1 Forecast (If you're in a 6 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 6, then April 2021 is a Personal Month 1.

This is an exciting month for you!

After the gentle release of March, the time has come for you to start over.

This numerology brings a huge breath of fresh air, and a surge of creative energy to kick things off!

Although you may be feeling a little restless, try to avoid jumping straight into a new venture without at least a little planning first. Also, it's important to channel all of this fiery, enthusiastic energy into the “right” thing. Which means trying not to be too influenced by others, and following your own instincts.

Luckily the 1 tends to amplify these unique feelings, so it won't take much effort for you to tap into what most needs your attention.

Make time for exercise over this monthly calendar cycle. You may feel extra-competitive over the next few weeks, so letting this play out on the sports pitch 9 (rather than in the office, or against family members!) should keep any cutthroat tendencies at bay!

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Personal Month 2 Forecast (If you're in a 7 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 7, then April 2021 is a Personal Month 2.

This month, your personal numerology points you towards partnership and cooperation.

If you've been feeling like you have to “go it alone” then think again! Here, you have the ideal energy to reach out to others for help and assistance – and to offer yourself in return.

If you naturally have an independent streak, (perhaps a Life Path Number 1, 5, or 8?) then just try opening up to the possibility that somebody else could provide something you need! Tap into your intuition, follow the signs and you'll be led directly to the person who can help you.

Speaking of intuition, expect your doors of perception to open up wide over the next few weeks. In numerology, the 2 is one of the most psychic numbers in the whole cycle. Lean into it. Hone that sixth sense, and see where it takes you.

IF you're someone who already loves company, and relies on other people, then you may need to work on your boundaries. The 2 can lead to blurred edges, and co-dependency in some, so be sure you're staying in tune with your needs, and more importantly, your power.

Don't give it away.

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Personal Month 3 Forecast (If you're in an 8 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 8, then March 2021 is a Personal Month 3.

This is your creative high spot in the year!

The numerology of the 3 is artistic, free-thinking, and experimental, so you have every excuse to infuse your life with these elements over the next few weeks. It's time to do things differently!

Most Numerologists consider the 3 as the number of the child, and it's innocence and wonder. See your life through these eyes over this calendar month, and share what you find. As one of the most self-expressive of the numbers, you'll get a hearty dose of charm and eloquence too.

Which means others are sure to want to listen to what you have to say!

Get out there and socialize. Share what you know. Make connections. Other people will want you around, and you could make some vital connections. SO don't hold back – be who you are, and let go of any fear around being authentic. If you get any rebounding criticism, realize that it says far more about the other person, than it does about you.

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Personal Month 4 Forecast (If you're in a 9 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 9, then March 2021 is a Personal Month 4.

For you, April ushers in an incredibly productive time.

Yet to fulfill your potential, you may need to study cultivating new skills and expertise into being.

Where are the gaps in your knowledge?

What do you need to know, to accomplish what you desire?

Be discerning. The numerology of the 4 also encourages delegation, so don't think you need to do everything yourself! What tasks can you pass off to others during this cycle? Anything from your bookkeeping to your gardening… if there are practical things you dread each month, then don't put yourself through them! Use this time to set a new precedent, and only put your effort into things that make your heart sing!

Consider hiring a mentor, or signing up for an online training course. This personal monthly energy supports learning of any kind, and you'll make good progress if you apply yourself during this cycle.

Yet be sure not to over-commit. Sure, you may feel like you can do it all, but you don't have to!

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Personal Month 5 Forecast (If you're in a 1 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 1, then March 2021 is a Personal Month 5.

For you, this month will be full of variety.

So if you're a creature of habit (hello Life Path 4s!) then buckle up – you're in for a busy time!

In numerology, the 5 is freedom-seeking and adventurous. Its energy can make us restless and distracted on a daily basis. So don't be surprised if your usual routines and structures get thrown out the window!

Try to embrace the chaos.

Many, many opportunities can appear during a 5 personal month, yet if you are too set on doing things the way you've always done them, you'll miss out! So say “yes” to that invitation, claim that free webinar spot, go for the new hair color, and spark up a conversation with that stranger on the bus (unless he's a total weirdo – use your intuition here!)

Flexibility is your friend, so if daily plans change, go with it.

You may find this numerology scatters your energy just a little too much for your liking. If this is the case, be sure to move your body enough, and spend plenty of time out in nature to re-harmonize.

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Personal Month 6 Forecast (If you're in a 2 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 2, then March 2021 is a Personal Month 6.

This month it will be important for you to feel safe and secure in your home environment.

Whether this means spending time with family and nurturing your relationships, or getting into the DIY groove and re-doing the décor, home is key. Your senses will be tuned to anything that's out of balance, so trust your instincts.

You will likely be called on for advice, a shoulder to cry on, or a favor or two. Don't worry if it feels like you're being asked to take on more responsibility than you can carry. Use this month to reassess the obligations you already have – what can you pass along? What are some tasks that others may now be able to do for themselves?

This a great month for love! The 6 is unconditional in its appreciation, so if you're already coupled up, you're in for a romantic time! If you are on the lookout for love, then open up to that perfect person walking through your door… they're not far away!

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Personal Month 7 Forecast (If you're in a 3 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 3, then March 2021 is a Personal Month 7.

Slow down, baby!

Have you been speeding through life these past few months, without stopping to smell the roses?

The numerology of the 7 appears for you here in this reading, to call you back into relationship with yourself. The 7 holds a gentle, introspective energy, that will bring forth true personal healing if you let it.

This is your time to go within. Try to make sure you have enough quiet time factored into your schedule – each day if you can – to just be. This may mean skipping deadlines, but the likelihood is they'll seem a whole lot less important when you find a new perspective.

You may be tempted to ignore this call and keep pushing forward on your path. But you'll surely be pushing in the wrong direction. Right now, the 7 is encouraging you to course correct, by tuning deeply into yourself.

Spend time in meditation or deep thought each day.

Read books that inspire you, and have conversations with those you love.

Journal on your beliefs, your motivations, and your values in life. This number always asks us to strip back the layers and find deeper meaning in the everyday. And it's there waiting for you – you simply need to start looking.

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Personal Month 8 Forecast (If you're in a 4 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 4, then April 2021 is a Personal Month 8.

Are you ready to enter a powerful month?

… Because you've earned it!

Numerologists know that the 8 brings money, power, and influence above all else. It often shows up in the charts of the most successful people – not because they're lucky, but because they've mastered the art of flow and abundance.

This month is about tapping into that force and channeling it through your life. It means hard work, a few calculated risks, and a whole lot of self-belief.

The forces of Numerology are truly on your side right now, yet you're being urged to participate in creating the life you dream of. It's no use sitting around, waiting for opportunities to drop out of the sky. You need to make them.

  • Make that phone call
  • Write that email
  • Build your website
  • Create the product
  • Write that application

Use this month to push forward with power and authenticity, and you'll see results fast. Yet don't let this be your focus. Every step of the way, ask yourself what value you are bringing to the world – this is the essence of flow that you'll see in return for your efforts.

Get in-depth predictions personalized to YOUR Numerology chart »

Personal Month 9 Forecast (If you're in a 5 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 5, then April 2021 is a Personal Month 9.

April is a big month for you.

The time has come for you to complete what you've started, because you've reached the end of the road, in some aspect of your life.

This numerology is calling you to be selfless. 9 is a highly altruistic and humanitarian number, so it's time for you to put your ego on hold, and put the greater good first.

Perhaps there are people in your life who are in need of resources that only you have to give?

Perhaps you're being called to do charity or voluntary work?

Maybe you need to put community above money, and take a less lucrative path forward?

The 9 often comes with sacrifice, yet the benefits of the choices you make this month will far outweigh any discomfort you feel right now.

This may also be a surprisingly creative time for you. The freeing energy of the 9 means that boundaries are down, so you can create art, systems, products, or communities without limitation.

Be humble at this time. You are on the cusp of a brand new cycle, yet it's important that you leave this one here where it belongs, along with any ego or pretense.

Great things are coming next!

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