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Master Numbers hold powerful potential in Numerology

Learn all about the numbers 11, 22, and 33 in Numerology...

2021 numbers

2021 Numerology Forecast

Read the free Numerology prediction for 2021 for your Personal Year number!

By Alyssa Ostrander

This forecast was created by Alyssa Ostrander, see her website here.

Each number has its own unique character, and every calendar year holds an energy based on the numbers at play that year. Starting on the first day of 2021, everyone will feel the influence of the new Universal Year number, 5.

Because 5 is the midpoint between 1 and 9, this 5 Year is an opportunity to create a bridge toward all the possibilities in life. The number 5 also carries the energy of intelligence, making 2021 a time to open your mind and learn more about what you're curious about, especially in the areas that give you joy.

Plan to take your time, because there will be more going on this year than you anticipated. If you maintain some order in your routine and living, you'll have the means to experience this unexpected, fun, and adventurous energy. But be open to making some changes as well -- this 5 Universal Year is a time to find new outlets for your motivation.

The 5's energy will affect people worldwide. Important research is being done that can lead to new understanding, and exploring new horizons will be a common topic. Creating stability through the act of change is the global theme.

For you as an individual, everything just described creates the backdrop for your Personal Year number. You'll see the changes around you, but they'll be framed within the focus of what's happening for YOUR Personal Year number in 2021.

Reveal how the numerological energies of 2021 will unfold for YOU now »

Your Personal Year number

Your experiences during 2021 will be colored by your Personal Year number. As soon as the year rolls over, the influence of 2021/5 will integrate with your own month and date of birth through your Personal Year number.

To calculate your Personal Year number, add the number of your month of birth and date of birth to the calendar year. Reduce any double digits to a single digit for the month, date, and year before adding.

For example, if you were born on October 11:
October = 1, because 1 + 0 = 1
11th = 2, because 1 + 1 = 2
2021 = 5, because 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5.
Add the single digits together and you get 1 + 2 + 5 = 8. Your Personal Year for 2021 is 8.

Calculate your number, then keep reading to learn more about how the numbers of 2021 will impact you! Numerology predictions for every Personal Year number are below...

Get in-depth 2021 predictions personalized to YOUR unique Numerology »

1 Personal Year

Doors will close, but new doors will open in 2021. You're entering a new 9-year cycle that is meant to help shape your life. The year begins with feelings of unrest, and nothing will remain the same as 2021 unfolds. It's time to take a look at how you're living and freshen up your perspective.

You're ready to move forward and begin being your true self in life. You're planting seeds now that will sprout as your cycle progresses, helping you to fulfill your dreams.

A 1 Year puts you in front -- you're a pioneer. You're self-motivated and ready to take action on your own. These urges may come naturally, or it may take your intentional focus and determination to advance your next steps forward.

Life doesn't always offer a chance like this to begin again and try something new. The unknowns can be intimidating, but your future depends on your actions now! Let go of how life used to be and blaze a new trail forward. 2021 is a year to focus on YOU!

Get in-depth 2021 predictions personalized to YOUR unique Numerology »

2 Personal Year

After the initiative of the 1 Year you experienced in 2020, the 2 Year is a time to become comfortable with how to receive. The number 2 coexists within you now, and your life reflects its unity of differences through cooperation and patience with others. Your efforts to balance the dualities of life will help to develop more harmonious relationships with yourself and others.

Whatever you do this year, it's important to do it with tact and diplomacy. Otherwise, you could regret any aggressive actions. The secret is to hold peace in your heart and be the sweetness you desire in your connections with others. It may seem that people are more demanding of your time, but it is good for you to be a supportive influence.

2021 is also a time to develop your intuition and follow your inner guidance. You're becoming stronger by listening and receiving the wisdom of the universe.

Think about each of the billions of cells that form your body dividing into two in order to grow anew. Similarly, in 2021, you are splitting seeds you planted last year to allow the roots of your dreams to set.

Get in-depth 2021 predictions personalized to YOUR unique Numerology »

3 Personal Year

The number 3 brings some structure to the duality you experienced in 2020 -- it adds an extra ingredient in the form of others that need your help. As you're growing in this 3 Personal Year, you're learning how to mediate your energy and increase your creative output.

The 3 Personal Year brings up the strength of your emotions. Keep a journal and use the power of your words to process your feelings.

Some adjustments may be needed if you're striving to begin something new or you are overwhelmed by your strong feelings. It takes the smooth, balanced humming of both initiative and receptive qualities in life to create the joy you deserve. Life can't be all about you, nor can it be all about others. There's a sweet spot of perspective between, though, that offers happiness.

Don't let petty concerns with others rock your well-being in 2021. Have faith, but don't push too fast, and everything will smooth out. Share your talents, and there will be much to be happy about in the year ahead.

Get in-depth 2021 predictions personalized to YOUR unique Numerology »

4 Personal Year

After the creative growth you experienced in the previous year, the 4 Personal Year is more serious. The number 4 is the square box of form that builds your foundation. In 2021, seek to be practical about how you can apply steady efforts to accomplish tangible results.

This is a good time to buy, sell, build, and exchange ideas and materials to advance your potential. It's also important you carefully note the details of every commitment. A 4 Personal Year is a time when you may feel held back by responsibilities, but once the work is done, you'll be glad you stuck it out and used your energy productively.

Pay attention to your health in 2021, as well as the mechanical functions in your home and anything you own. Keep up with your routines and don't let yourself be sidetracked by the developments around the world. To reach the next level, you'll need to manage your life with compassionate discipline and remember your purpose.

All that being said, you can still have fun in 2021. In fact, you should balance your life with activities, people, and experiences that give you a break, so that you can continually return refreshed to the goals at hand.

Get in-depth 2021 predictions personalized to YOUR unique Numerology »

5 Personal Year

Your experiences in your 4 Year in 2020 have prepared you for the growth and expansion coming in this 5 Personal Year. Everything is up for a fresh, new look in 2021.

You have the opportunity to make great changes with your Personal Year number being the same as the Universal Year. The number 5 gives you the perspective to make choices that will create the freedom you desire. Still, don't burn the bridges to your past connections. Keep relationships intact, but you'll need to embrace exploration now to fully live your bountiful life.

The number 5 creates its own freedom through knowledge. In 2021, it's your turn to remove your blinders and see the full scope of possibilities. Your attitude is everything, so be intentional about delimiting yourself and unlocking doors that have been closed. Let everyone be an inspiration to you.

Remember though, in your restless pursuits, that there are still rules and laws to abide by. Take your time and do things right.

Get in-depth 2021 predictions personalized to YOUR unique Numerology »

6 Personal Year

As you enter a 6 Personal Year, you're in the latter half of your 9-year cycle and learning about your responsibility to serve in everything you do. You've learned about balance, work, and opening to growth, and now you can share your truth, justice, and compassionate understanding to support others.

The number 6 is the energy of love that is shared in peace and harmony. Over the year, you will notice when you're sincerely responding with kindness and care. 2021 is a time of service, but that doesn't mean you're a doormat for others. You're finding the balance of being available while also giving yourself the same devotion you extend to others.

You may feel pulled by a desire to spend more time at home, in nature, and other beautiful locations in this 6 Year. By simply going with the easy flow of things, your relationships will prosper and your personal abundance will grow.

Speak from your heart and cherish moments with others and this will be a rewarding year that will refresh your soul.

Get in-depth 2021 predictions personalized to YOUR unique Numerology »

7 Personal Year

While 2020 opened your heart, 2021 is all about awakening your higher mind. The 7 Personal Year is a magical year; you're not in the ordinary world.

In a 7 Year, you attract unexpected grace that reveals the path to your most aligned success ... but this will come in its own time.

With more time alone this year to understand what matters most to you, you'll realize insights you may not have considered before. It's like you're in a cosmic vacuum, receiving an energetic upgrade. Beware what you spend your mental energy on, though, because what you're thinking about will influence your reality.

You may start things off feeling tired from all the responsibilities you needed to address in 2020. 2021 is a year to be still. Let yourself be guided toward books to read, topics to study, places to travel, and space to meditate.

You need time to be able to hear and process the information you're receiving. Pay attention to your intuitive hunches and don't worry about pushing toward specific goals. Instead, keep a positive attitude and have faith and that things will happen as they should.

Get in-depth 2021 predictions personalized to YOUR unique Numerology »

8 Personal Year

You're ready for something more. After a lot of self-reflection in 2020, this 8 Personal Year is a year of achievement. It's time to activate your personal power by advancing your energy toward a goal that represents responsible success. Prosperity is yours if you're ready to move forward with efficient, sustained effort.

It's up to you to create your destiny in 2021. You've climbed through a lot of lessons and now have an opportunity to act with a renewed sense of self-confidence and authority. You're able to improve your life because you understand that it's up to you to make the necessary changes.

The 8 Year is a year of action. You may begin with nothing, but you will create bountiful fruits through your efforts. Keep your common sense and know that opportunity lies in seizing the moment. Reach out to those who you can learn from.

Identify your values in 2021, then watch them blossom into a life that reflects what you care most about.

Get in-depth 2021 predictions personalized to YOUR unique Numerology »

9 Personal Year

2021 is the last year in your 9-year cycle. The 9 Personal Year ties together all the lessons of the past eight years and gives you the whole perspective on life. It's a time to bring closure and receive the rewards of your developed inner knowledge.

Through divine timing, you'll be able to finish projects in 2021 that reflect your growing wisdom and perspective. You're also paying attention to what hasn't been working. With humility, you can make room for new love by letting go of the old habits, relationships, and patterns that no longer serve you.

This year you are deeply immersed in the continuum of life ... it's all connected some way. If something leaves you, let it go. Embrace the beauty of what is in the present moment and allow yourself the inner satisfaction that comes from lessons learned. There will be more to come when you begin a new cycle in 2022.

Get in-depth 2021 predictions personalized to YOUR unique Numerology »

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