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Numerology Life Path 7 compatibility

Numerology Life Path 7 Compatibility

The best and worst love matches for the Life Path number 7

By Numerology.com Staff

People with a Numerology Life Path number 7 are inquisitive and intellectual. The deeper they delve into any subject or experience, the more they thrive. But this Life Path number also tends to be quiet, introverted, and not fond of social settings, which could be an obstacle in a romantic relationship. Any Life Path number that has a more upbeat personality and a sense of adventure won't pair well with the 7 Life Path, but other numbers make great partners for this Life Path! Keep reading to see what Numerology has to say about the most and least compatible combinations.

Life Path 7 and 1 compatibility

According to Numerology, a 7 Life Path and 1 Life Path are a wildcard combination -- a couple that either thrives or doesn't stand a chance. There's a powerful intellectual connection here, with the 1's brazen attitude of questioning new and old concepts and the 7's intense curiosity. The number 7 is a true rogue, digging and challenging conventional thinking. This is a free-thinking duo, but a Life Path 1 and a Life Path number 7 can be dragged down when it comes to matters of the heart. Neither is eager to expose anything deep or personal, because both 1s and 7s are intensely private people -- 1s want to appear strong, and 7s are most comfortable keeping a distance from others. To succeed even with this setback, a 1 and 7 need to cultivate emotional courage to expose their sensitive, vulnerable sides and lay themselves open to each other. The 7 especially needs to avoid becoming cynical and unreachable.

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Life Path 7 and 2 compatibility

With Life Path number 7 and Life Path number 2, intuition meets intelligence and sensitivity meets clinical research. Or think of it as the heart meeting the mind. It's rare that a 2 and a 7 will ever express any interest in each other, but when they do, the partnership will be solid. It's most likely that the Life Path 2 reached out to the 7 Life Path during their first meeting, and the energy exchange was -- and will continue to be -- electric. Most of the large obstacles happen during the beginning of this relationship: there is a huge difference in thinking and communication to overcome. 2s are gentle and romantic. 7s require a lot to earn their love. The way to a 7's heart is wisdom and spiritual understanding, and 7s do not trust love that comes too easily. Meanwhile, a 2 will have a hard time understanding why it takes someone so long to respond. That's why this relationship will most likely happen after many years of friendship.

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Life Path 7 and 3 compatibility

"Interesting" is the best word to describe a partnership between Life Path number 7 and Life Path number 3. This relationship will either sputter and die within about two weeks, or remain exciting and powerful for a lifetime. Particularly if there's history between the two, number 3 and number 7 may be in it for the long haul. If that's not the case, the good news is that 3s and 7s are often able to form a deep friendship after the romance has died. While the mind of the 3 is kaleidoscopic, changing color and shape, the 7 is much more serious but equally unconventional, always soul-searching and seeking truth. Both numbers like to think outside the box, which is why some 3s and 7s make it. While the Life Path 3 can bring sunshine to the 7, the 7 can give the 3 a taste of beauty from the more serious side of life. The two can be a good match if they manage not to compete for each other's space.

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Life Path 7 and 4 compatibility

A 7 Life Path and 4 Life Path are very nearly a match made in Numerology compatibility heaven. United on an intellectual and spiritual (more than physical) level, this relationship is grounded and goal-oriented. 4 is a doer, while 7 is full of ideas and spiritual searching. Think of this combo as "heaven meets earth" -- neither can exist without the other. Often, a 4 and 7 start their relationship at a very early age, drawn together by the fact that each clearly fills the other's needs. The 7 gives the Life Path 4 a more philosophical outlook on life, which gives the 4 freedom; the 4 gives the 7 a secure port amid the chaos, which gives the 7 comfort. This is often a combination found in childhood romances that last a lifetime. The main issues arise in how the couple confronts everyday, material life -- 4s require order while 7s are comfortable in clutter. If they can compromise, they can live very comfortably together.

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Life Path 7 and 5 compatibility

In Numerology, Life Path number 7 and Life Path number 5 form a combo that is not only one of the most ideal for long-lasting relationships, but also a match that promises growth for both partners. These two numbers feed each other on a spiritual plane (many famous intellectual and artistic couples were 5 and 7s). Basically, a 5 and a 7 together are greater than the sum of their parts: Life Path 5 has a quick, flexible mind spiced with a wicked sense of humor; 7 has a dry sense of humor and a deep way of thinking. Problems may arise if 5's tastes seem too over-the-top or shallow, or if 7 becomes too hung up on spiritual concepts. Still, 5 and 7 have such a powerful, positive influence on each other that these disagreements rarely kill the relationship -- overall, the 5 keeps the 7 loose and able to enjoy life, while the 7 is able to show the 5 a deep, serious thirst for knowledge.

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Life Path 7 and 6 compatibility

Life Path number 7 and Life Path number 6 are a strange and uncommon combo; together, these two numbers form a kind of love-hate relationship. While the 6 is strongly committed and motivated by emotions, the 7 is intellectual and often secretive. The Life Path 6 person demands physical and emotional connection; 7 relies on an intellectual bond. Unless both partners understand that they express love in such different ways, the relationship could be doomed. 6 might feel that 7 is cold and aloof, and 7 might need more distance and alone time than a number 6 can provide. 6's loving attention can seem like an unwelcome distraction to 7. The resulting relationship is often unhappy but still unbreakable, and friends of a 6 and 7 couple might wonder why they stay together at all. The key here is to recognize the differences, and for 7 to accept the fact that 6 needs reassurances in the relationship.

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Life Path 7 and 7 compatibility

According to Numerology, Life Path number 7 can form a beautiful combo with another 7 Life Path. There is a great potential for spiritual growth for both partners. Both take life and life's mysteries seriously, and a strong intellectual bond makes a pair of 7s thrive on each other's company. This connection is heart and soul, although two 7s don't need to be physically together at every moment of the day. Still, there are a few things to watch out for: no other number is as good as the 7 at making mountains out of molehills. Also, 7s need time to be alone in their own space -- if this desire is denied, the 7 Life Path number can feel particularly neurotic. If both partners can respect their own needs for peace and space and give themselves time to reflect, a partnership between two 7s can be fruitful and rewarding.

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Life Path 7 and 8 compatibility

Life Path number 7 and Life Path number 8 aren't terribly compatible, so if two of them are attracted to each other, it is generally because there are other Numerology numbers in their charts that cause chemistry. Usually, 7s and 8s do not have much interest in each other. First off, they have different sets of priorities: While 8 has a strong drive for financial success and security, 7s are much more spiritual and prize intellectual growth. 8s understand the balance between mental and spiritual, making them great businesspeople, while 7s have an in-born dislike of business. Also, while 7s prefer quiet conversations, 8s like to occasionally experience noise and butterfly-like social interaction with others. Still, if a 7 and 8 want to make a go of it, they must be sure to allow each other a lot of space and freedom. The Life Path 8 must make peace with the 7 and avoid being critical, and the 7 should respect the way the 8 focuses on practical goals and results.

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Life Path 7 and 9 compatibility

Life Path number 7 and Life Path number 9 generally get along fine, as long as too much interaction isn't required. As a couple, they're just not that interested in each other's issues. The conversation is polite, but there will be a lot of awkward silences. While there isn't a natural magnetic attraction between these two, if they do fall into a relationship, the upside is that there won't be too many problems, either. The only disagreements that arise will probably be related to religion: 9s thrive on faith and understand that all things are in balance. 7, on the other hand, needs to be able to recognize logic and tends to question everything. Sometimes this can turn the 7 into a cynic, which goes against the natural faith of the Life Path 9. There are other issues in compatibility as well: 7s and 9s are at odds with how they prefer to live; 7s like life in a great metropolis, while a cozy chalet up on a hill in the countryside would be like paradise for a 9.

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