Multiply Your Opportunities with a 1-Year Numerology Reading

Multiply Your Opportunities with a 1-Year Numerology Reading

A year of personalized Numerology predictions helps you navigate every day ahead

Some of your Numerology numbers never change, but some of them change every year, every month ... even every single day! Depending on the numbers that are influencing you at any moment, you'll be presented with circumstances that align with their energy and create opportunities or challenges that are invaluable to your life and growth.

Over the next year, you'll experience many different energies that will try to shape you in different ways. With a personalized 1-Year Numerology reading, you'll learn about all the numbers that are influencing you over the next 12 months ... and beyond! In this detailed forecast you'll get eight chapters of personalized Numerology, including your Personal Year Number -- the number that's affecting you most this year -- plus predictions for every month and every single day of the year! This forecast also includes six more chapters of personal Numerology, going beyond the year to reveal larger cycles you are experiencing and how the present moment impacts your future.

Don't get caught off guard by what's coming your way in the year ahead! See what a personalized 1-Year Numerology Forecast can reveal for you...

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Chapter 1: Your Personal Year

The trends you'll experience this year
You have a new Personal Year Number every year, and its meaning tells you the type of circumstances you'll experience throughout the year. It's unique to you, because it's derived from your own birth date combined with the current year -- it's like your Numerology horoscope! For instance, if you're in a 1 Personal Year, it's a time of fresh energy, confidence, and beginnings, while a 4 Personal Year would more about solidifying foundations and keeping things steady. Knowing the type of energy you're approaching gives you the ability to prepare for challenges and snag unique opportunities all year!

Chapter 2: Your Challenges

Weaknesses that can become strengths
You actually have four "Challenge" numbers during your lifetime, and in this reading you'll learn about all four -- not just this year's! The Challenge numbers are, to put it bluntly, your weak points -- but here you'll learn how to turn them into strengths. You'll find out the meaning of your Challenge numbers so that, when life pushes you into difficult situations, you're aware of your pitfalls and can develop a better, stronger way of reacting to things. You may find the same number repeats as your Challenge throughout life, or you could have four different Challenges affecting you...

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Chapter 3: Your Pinnacles

Long-term lessons you need to learn 
You go through four "Pinnacle" cycles in your life, each representing particular lessons you will work on and struggles you will experience during that period. Finding out your Pinnacle numbers helps you prepare for extended periods of challenge or big change. In your personalized Numerology Forecast, you'll learn all four of your Pinnacle numbers (not just the current one!) and when they'll change. Shifting from one Pinnacle to the next can be difficult and usually requires you make some life-altering decisions, so you'll want to know when these times are coming up for you.

Chapter 4: Your Cycles

Three major phases in your life
Just like your Personal Year Number describes the trends you'll experience this year, your Cycle numbers describe the trends you'll experience over longer periods of time. You'll have three Cycle numbers in your life, and together they represent your progression across your whole lifetime. The numbers are derived from your birth date and are unique to you. You'll learn about all three of your Cycles in this chapter and see how the Cycle that's impacting you this year fits into the bigger picture of your whole life.

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Chapter 5: Your Transits

Your mind, body, and soul
This chapter breaks down your three Transits -- Physical, Mental, and Spiritual -- revealing the state of your body, mind, and soul over the next year. These numbers change regularly and come from your name, so they're very personal to you. They will tell you where you are strongest and weakest at this time and deliver advice on what you should and should not do while this energy is present. 

Chapter 6: Your Essence

How you process the year
Along with your Personal Year Number, your Essence Number is the strongest indicator of what your life will look over the next year. The Essence Number is more of an internal energy and reveals lessons you'll need to learn and how you'll view the things that happen to you during the year. It's what you bring to the table. This chapter explains the meaning of your Essence and offers advice on how you can be most successful in this 1-year period.

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Chapter 7: Dualities

Combining the most powerful numbers
Your Personal Year and Essence numbers are the two most important numbers in your year, but they're very different energies. The Personal Year is an external energy while the Essence feels internal. The combination of these two numbers' energy -- their "Duality" -- will be explained to you; you don't have to figure it out on your own! You'll learn about the meaning of these overlapping cycles and how you can get the most of your mix of numbers this year.

Chapter 8: Personal Month & Daily Projections

Personal predictions for every month and day
Instead of just accepting what happens to you every day, make it WORK for you! This personalized Numerology reading gives you predictions for every month and every day over the next 12 months, totally personalized to YOU, so you'll always be aware of a great opportunity or a struggle that's on the horizon. Imagine how much smoother things could be if you could sense what's coming... Now you can! Start building your future today with your personalized 1-Year Numerology Forecast.

Start your personalized 1-Year Numerology Forecast for 2020 now +

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