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Numerology plays a key role in who you're most compatible with

Discover your romantic potential by Life Path number...

Numerology woman numbers

Discover Your Unique Soulprint in Numerology

Uncover the core numbers in your Numerology chart

By Numerology.com Staff

Who you are is NOT an accident! Each of the single-digit numbers and Master Numbers in Numerology carry a distinct and powerful vibration. While you may already understand the energy each number creates, it's how it manifests in your personal chart that makes all the difference!

Getting a Numerology reading helps you reveal the influence the numbers are having on you each and every day, providing insightful clues into who you are, as well as who you were destined to become. What you'll uncover is a blueprint so unique that it can only belong to YOU!

Discover how a Personality Decoder reading will help you unlock the five most telling Numerology numbers in your Numerology chart...

Reveal the numerological influences that make YOU one-of-a-kind »

Birth Day number

Your Birth Day number, which is sometimes called your "Birthday number" or "Birth Date number" in Numerology, is one of the easiest calculations to do -- no calculator needed! You simply add each digit from the day you were born and then reduce it down to a single digit. There is one exception to the rule of reducing: If you were born on the 11th or 22nd of any month, you don't reduce these numbers as these are Master Numbers in Numerology. They hold a special meaning and bestow unique gifts on anyone who has them in their Numerology chart.

This Numerology number represents the core of who you are, your true self. It gives insight into the gifts and challenges you were born into this world with and makes sense of the events that unfold in your life. In this specific Numerology report, your Birth Day number is layered with your Life Path number, highlighting the vibrational cycles you'll experience throughout your life.

Reveal your birth number with a personalized Numerology reading »

Life Path number

In Numerology, your Life Path number is considered the most critical number in your entire Numerology chart. It is based on a specific Numerology calculation that uses your full birth date (month, day, and year). It pinpoints your life direction, as well as the major lessons you're supposed to learn and the opportunities and challenges you will encounter as you make your journey along your life path. In fact, your Life Path number is so important in Numerology that it has the power to determine your compatibility potential in a relationship!

As with other numbers in Numerology, your Life Path number will most likely be a single digit. However, some people have Master numbers in their chart: Master Number 11, Master Number 22, and Master number 33. These numbers have greater potential, which means that if it shows up in your reading, you will walk a special path that others don't.

Reveal your Life Path number with a personalized Numerology reading »

Soul Urge number

Your Soul Urge number is sometimes referred to as your "Heart's Desire number" in Numerology and is based on the vowels (using the Pythagorean alphabet) in your full name on your birth certificate. Your soul has a very specific agenda in this lifetime, and the numbers associated with the letters in your first name, middle name, and last name seek to expose that.

This number in Numerology represents the inner you and reveals your most hidden motivations and urges. These are the things so close to your heart that you rarely share them with the outside world; in fact, some of these desires may be so deep that they are even unknown to you, and they may only be revealed to you once you've gotten your Numerology chart.

Reveal your Soul Urge number with a personalized Numerology reading »

Expression number

Your Expression number -- also called your Destiny number -- is calculated using all the letters in your full birth name. It is an extremely important number in Numerology because it represents your power of choice and potential in this lifetime. Unlike your Life Path number which never changes, your Expression number can be altered if you change your name.

Your Expression number explains the inexplicable magic you bring to the world. The number you receive in your chart highlights your strengths and talents, as well as what you're meant to accomplish in life. More importantly, it examines the challenges you could face, giving you the kind of self-knowledge that empowers you to make decisions that are aligned with your true self.

Reveal your Expression number with a personalized Numerology reading »

Personality number

Using just the consonants in your full name, your Personality number gives you in-depth insight into the dominant traits and characteristics that influence the way others see you. If you've ever been told you come across differently than you feel, your Personality number could give you a better understanding of why.

This number doesn't just show you how you present yourself, but it can also illuminate the person you desire to be in the outer world instead. It also gives you a glimpse into your likes and dislikes, and the way you behave and interact with the world around you.

Reveal your Personality number with a personalized Numerology reading »

Arming yourself with this level of self-knowledge helps put you on the path toward the fulfillment you deserve. Unlock the mystery behind YOUR sacred personality code now!

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