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2022 Numerology Forecast

Read the free Numerology prediction for 2022 for your Personal Year number!

By Patrick Phillips

2022 adds up to a 6 Universal Year, which is all about accepting and assuming responsibility. After the multitude of changes and adjustments that the 5 Universal Year brought us in 2021, it's time for the world to acclimate to a new pace and make the most of our new reality.

If you felt like you were flying by the seat of your pants throughout 2021, you can find firmer footing for yourself in 2022. However, with that firm footing comes the added responsibility of finding a new sense of equilibrium with everyone else in your life. Relationships will play an especially big role in 2022. Many of the people you meet could have a fated role to play in your development as an individual, acting as catalysts to help you transform into the person you are meant to become in this lifetime.

That isn’t to say that all your relationships will be fairy tales -- some may indeed bring difficulties your way. Growth is often not a comfortable process, and that can be especially true when you must grow in tandem with another person or many people. If you’ve been putting a premium on yourself regardless of your friends, family, and anyone else in your life, then it’s time to even the playing field. You don’t need to give up space, but you do need to find harmony with others and give them the option to rely on you when they need to. No person is an island, and that will be a major theme in all our lives throughout 2022.

Goals for 2022

Work toward something meaningful

6 is a very responsible number, so while this 6 Universal Year is a good one to make serious efforts toward your dreams, don’t indulge in flights of fancy. Instead, put your effort into building something that can withstand the test of time. If you work hard, you could embark on a journey that lasts the rest of your life, or at least builds the foundations of your future.

Strengthen your existing relationships

While 2021 allowed you to focus more on your own needs, 2022 encourages you to touch base with the people in your life and remember just how important their presence is, for a whole multitude of reasons. Make people feel appreciated and let them know the value they have in your life.

Increase your social circle

Regardless of how many friends you already have, the 6 Universal Year makes a point of sending interesting and meaningful new relationships our way. Many of the people you meet this year could have a major impact on your life for years to come, so consider socializing to be something of a mandate in 2022.

Seek out stability

The 6 Universal Year invites you to find a grounded place from which to operate, leaving behind the uncertainty of the past year and putting a premium on building a firm foundation. This might sound unexciting, but it can bring you a lot of stability and peace of mind moving forward.

Your Personal Year number

While the 6 Universal Year will impact everybody throughout 2022, the influence you'll feel most directly comes from your Personal Year number. Calculating your Personal Year number is easy -- you simply add the number of your month of birth and date of birth to the calendar year, (2022). Just be sure to reduce any double digits to a single digit throughout the process.

For example, if you were born on November 20:

November = 2, because November is the 11th month and 1 + 1 = 2

20th = 2, because 2 + 0 = 2

2022 = 6, because 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6.

Now add the single digits together: 2 + 2 + 6 = 10.

And add again until you get a single digit: 1 + 0 = 1. So, your Personal Year number for 2022 would be 1.

Calculate your Personal Year number now, then keep reading to learn about what 2022 may bring to YOU!

Reveal how the numerological energies of 2022 will unfold for YOU now »

1 Personal Year

In 2021 you wrapped up a major 9-year cycle of your life, bringing many matters to completion and letting go of things that no longer served you. This may not have always been the easiest process, and at times a sense of general unease or unhappiness could have clouded your vision as you waited for options to appear that never materialized.

In 2022 the tide is finally coming in and you could start finding all sorts of lovely options coming your way. The big question is which of these options you’ll decide to pursue. It’s wonderful to be presented with so many choices and a clean slate, but you can’t spend each day just looking at them. Eventually you’ll need to make up your mind and embark on some fresh adventures, and that is what the Personal Year 1 is all about -- this is just the beginning of a brand-new journey.

Changes are inevitable throughout 2022, but most of the changes will be ones you initiate, as opposed to having life force them upon you. It’s your turn to start calling the shots, so get ready to make your views known.

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2 Personal Year

Welcome to your 2 Personal Year, a year of patience and partnership. While 2021 offered you the chance to follow your heart and set your sights on plenty of new adventures, 2022 is about finding balance in what you’ve been chasing after, and making more room for the people in your life.

After careening ahead at full speed, it’s time to walk along at a careful pace, making sure you aren’t pushing anyone over in your quest to get where you’re going. Patience truly is the name of the game, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be doing nothing but spinning your wheels. This is a sensitive and important year when you are adjusting to your recent growth, letting it sink in, and acclimating to your new reality.

This 2 Personal Year also puts a great emphasis on the partners in your life -- those important people you consider a plus-one. Whether you’re single and looking to change your status or you're already coupled up, 2022 is a year that puts a true premium on romantic relationships. There are going to be plenty of opportunities for you to grow closer with someone, so be willing to grow both on your own and together.

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3 Personal Year

Get ready because this 3 Personal Year is here to change up the pattern of your life, inviting you to communicate differently and integrate yourself with new communities. This is a year of learning, but not the kind that will keep you chained to a desk. Rather, the universe is inviting you to get out and about and take in as much of life as you possibly can, seeing where your old views might be a little outdated and where you could use a shakeup or two.

Life will bring you plenty of opportunities to add something new to your daily schedule in 2022, perhaps with a move or a job change, or something else that allows you to engage with the world in a different way. At times this can feel a bit stressful or intimidating as you will be meeting so many people and making so many changes, so do your best to not get overwhelmed by the general volume of the year.

In this 3 Year, you are being offered the chance to transform your life from the ground up, so it is best to accept that things are going to look very different at the end of 2022 than when you first started it. Don’t fight change, because that only makes it harder to experience.

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4 Personal Year

After the whirlwind that was 2021, 2022 is going to set you on a new path: the path of the 4 Personal Year. This is a solid path, but it's one you must tread mostly on your own. It will be a year of hard work and putting in the effort, so if you were hoping to spend each day resting or enjoying yourself, the universe has a different plan in mind for you. Instead, you are being asked to put your best foot forward and show people just how adept you are, and showing people all you can do requires that you actually do the work.

While much of this year's work must be done by yourself, people will be willing to help you if they see that you are putting in the necessary effort, so don’t think that you have to shoulder every burden all on your own. 2022 is a year for you to grow stronger on all levels, and learning to acknowledge where you need help is a valuable strength worth honing.

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5 Personal Year

Stepping into your 5 Personal Year, you can expect many opportunities and transformations to come your way, one right after another. For you, 2022 is all about changing your life from the ground up, meaning you will probably be a very different person by the end of the year compared to now.

Change is paramount in 2022, but the true essence of this year is gaining more freedom. This means shaking off any shackles that are keeping you attached to old thoughts and behaviors that don't serve you now. The best way to engage with these energies is to examine aspects of your life where you feel limited, then make a point to try and change that so you have more choices and more agency in choosing what you want for yourself.

The biggest issue that can come during this 5 Personal Year is being overwhelmed by the options in front of you, but trust yourself and know that you will end up exactly where you are meant to be. 2022 is a year for you to stretch your wings and soar.

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6 Personal Year

This is a very special year for you to experience a 6 Personal Year, because it is mirroring the 6 Universal Year. Therefore, you can expect the themes of relationships and responsibilities to be quite heightened for you in 2022. Last year brought a lot of changes and transformations your way, and your life is probably very different than it used to be. This year, however, the pace is going to slow down a bit and the universe is inviting you to reacquaint yourself with the people in your life. It's time to come back and strengthen those pre-existing relationships that might have gotten put on hold while you were so busy keeping up with life's unexpected changes.

Not only are the people you already know going to be important during this 6 Personal Year, but you can also expect to meet lots of new people that will represent major milestones in your development as a human being. Whether it’s in matters of love, friendship, or even your professional environment, the people you meet in these 12 months could change your life for years to come. That isn’t to say you should spend all your time socializing, though, because you will have lots of responsibilities to tend to in 2022, and you won’t be able to shirk them.

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7 Personal Year

The 7 Personal Year is an innately spiritual time. It is also a very quiet time during which you might feel like you exist more in a dream world than in immediate reality. After experiencing so much over the last year and trying to maintain your relationships in the real world, it’s time to check out for a while and go on something of a sabbatical from life.

Although 2022 is largely about rest and relaxation for you, there is also growth work to do -- it is a very private kind of growth, though, where you are working on the quality of your spirit rather than anything more tangible.

Don’t try to push too hard in life, because you aren’t meant to be making huge gains in the physical world -- that isn’t to say they cannot happen this year, but that they aren't the focus of a 7 Year. You will find your satisfaction comes from taking things slow, allowing yourself to alternately expand and withdraw as necessary and move through the world like a gentle breeze rather than a blustering storm. Turn your gaze inward and see what you can discover.

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8 Personal Year

Here comes your 8 Personal Year, a year of power moves and manifestation. After the gentler and dreamier pace of a 7 Year, the 8 is asking you to show up for yourself and stand your ground in 2022. During these 12 months you are being invited to step into your own power, to hone a sense of self-assurance, and to show people how far you are willing to go to live up to your own expectations.

There are times when this year can feel a bit larger than life, but that is only because you are being shown what you are capable of, and it's not always comfortable to be shown how far we can go when we put in all our effort, because that requires work. With hard work, however, comes reward, so do not let the prospect of a long day stand in the way of you reaching a landmark goal post. You can make great strides in 2022, but the person you will impress the most with your progress will be yourself, and there is nothing more empowering.

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9 Personal Year

This 9 Personal Year comes with a quiet sigh, signaling a time of subtleties and culminations as you bring an entire 9-year cycle to a close. 2022 could feel like something of a cocooning phase as you leave behind old ways and clear the ground for a fresh new cycle. That isn’t to say this year will be all about waiting for things to happen in the future, but it is much more about endings rather than beginnings.

You will find a great many things leave your life during this 9 Year, be they people, jobs, living situations, or anything else you have outgrown and no longer suits you. It isn’t always easy to deal with this, as sometimes we don’t want to let go of a particular person or way of living. However, the more you resist these changes, the firmer the universe will be in forcing them upon you, so you would be wise to welcome these shifts with acceptance. If something leaves your life, then it was not meant to be there, and what does remain will help to form the foundation of the new life you will be living come 2023. This is the last chapter of the book, but there’s another volume on the way.

Get in-depth 2022 predictions personalized to YOUR unique Numerology »

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