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Numerology number 8

Number 8 Meaning in Numerology

Learning about the single digit eight

By Numerology.com Staff

Every number in Numerology has a different meaning. The real substance is in the single digits; each of these numeric symbols casts a unique energy that impacts us on both external and internal levels -- and even how it relates to our compatibility with other people! By understanding the different meanings of these numbers in Numerology, we can better realize the messages the numbers are sending when they appear in our lives. If there is an abundance of the number 8 in your life, the meaning of these messages center around hard work, success, and karmic balance.

What is the definition of 8 in Numerology?

Of all the numbers in Numerology, the number 8 is the achiever and measures life by the goals it reaches. It has good business sense, a powerful presence, and a strong drive for success. The 8 is also a symbol of balance -- you can see it in its symmetrical shape. For every blessing it receives, it puts one back out to the universe. When things are balanced, they feel stable, controlled, and supported, which is the most productive environment for the 8 to work in.

In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered the luckiest number of all, and is purposefully worked into wedding dates, birth dates, addresses, and finances. Even in the world of Numerology, there are people who have been known to change their name in order to add more 8s to their Numerology chart, hoping to emulate this number's level of accomplishment. The 8 represents an ultimate form of achievement that many will spend their entire lives striving for.

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Strengths of the number 8

Ambitious: To say the 8 has ambition would be putting it lightly -- they live to achieve! This number is on a mission to reach as many goals and garner as much success as possible. It is strategic in its methods and dedicated to its purpose. The good feelings that come from accomplishment give the 8 everything it needs to keep climbing upward.

Karmic: In a spiritual sense, the number 8 is all about giving back. It realizes that its successes are not its alone and will intentionally recognize and appreciate any help it has received. It balances achievement with gratitude, which can then be rebalanced with more achievement -- it's a cycle of success that the 8 is continuously manifesting.

Enduring: Even when the chips are down, the 8 in Numerology has a great sense of fortitude. It knows it is capable, but that capability often isn't the only factor at play. With patience and determination, the 8 is confident that things will come around eventually. It is willing to go through struggle because it has no doubt that prosperity is on the other side.

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Weaknesses of the number 8

Materialistic: The 8 likes to revel in its accomplishments by surrounding itself with nice things. It looks at this as a personal reward and a way to rebalance the cycle of manifestation. Unfortunately, to others this trait can make the 8 appear shallow or like a show-off. It may also attract opportunists who misunderstand the 8's intentions.

Authoritative: It's no surprise all this accomplishment goes straight to the number 8's head. It's used to being a leader and this gives it a feeling of personal power. But the 8 always assumes its way is the right way and, by dismissing others' opinions and ignoring their efforts, it may lose their support even faster than it gained it.

Entitled: The 8 in Numerology isn't about to ask for permission or forgiveness. Its need to succeed can make it blind to rules and processes, but ignoring these limits and taking things into its own hands makes teamwork impossible and drives a wedge in partnerships. The number 8 is so used to getting its way that it now expects it.

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Life Path 8 meaning in Numerology

The Life Path number 8 personality is one of hard work and hard lessons. People born with this Life Path number get their worth from accomplishing great things -- the bigger the goal, the more satisfying it feels when they achieve it. Money and material goods are important to them because they are rewards and reminders of all the effort put in. People with this Life Path direct all their energy into creating a life of success and abundance.

Dealing with people in positions of authority is often tough for people born with an 8 Life Path number. Because they are leaders themselves and are supremely confident in their abilities, they don't take kindly to being told what to do -- especially if it goes against what they would choose to do. 8 people, too, can also come across as authoritative and must learn that all relationships are about harmony.

With all the work these Life path people put into reaching their goals and feeling accomplished, they would be wise to pay attention to their health. Stress is the all-too-familiar enemy of those born with this Life Path number and, if allowed, it will slow down or deter these people on their path to reaching their goals. Making time for meditation, friendship, and enjoyable pursuits helps to bring things back into balance. Health is wealth, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a top priority.

When it comes to relationships, people with an 8 Life Path will put in the same work and dedication that they put into everything else. They do well in long-term situations, but these relationships may look more like business arrangements than passionate love affairs. Life Path number 8 people see themselves as providers and willingly take on the role of supporting a partner or family. They know they are self-sufficient, but when they see that they are prosperous enough to also provide for loved ones, to them, that's proof of success.

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Personality traits for number 8:

  • Accomplished
  • Balanced
  • Dedicated
  • Prosperous
  • Authoritative
  • Strong
  • Professional
  • Materialistic
  • Goal-oriented

The Number 8 in Tarot & Astrology

In Tarot, the card that's associated with the number 8 is Strength -- the eighth Tarot card in the deck. This card represents the karmic power and careful control of the 8 in Numerology. Within Astrology, it's the zodiac signs Scorpio and Capricorn that are connected to the 8. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and holds the same strength and resolve as this number. Capricorn, which is ruled by respectable Saturn, is the sign of professionalism, achievement, and prestige, so its connection to the number 8 in Numerology is clear as day.

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8 in your Numerology chart

The power of the number 8 could be anywhere in your Numerology chart. You may have a Destiny number 8, Expression number 8, Birthday number 8, or possibly a Personality number 8! The more 8s you have in your personal Numerology, the more opportunity, prosperity, and success you may find in life!

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Other Numerology meanings

Find out if the number 8 shows up in your chart with a FREE Numerology reading »

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