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Single-digit numbers are the building blocks of Numerology

Get to know the unique personalities of the numbers...

Numerology number 3

Number 3 Meaning in Numerology

Learning about the single digit three

By Numerology.com Staff

The number 3 is one of nine very important symbols in Numerology: the single-digit numbers. Each of the numbers 1-9 in Numerology has a different meaning -- like its own personality that sets it apart from the others. By understanding the unique personality traits of these numbers, we can better understand their influence and their guiding messages. Whether they show up in a Numerology reading or seem to appear over and over in our lives, it's a sign that there's opportunity waiting for us. When it comes to the optimistic number 3, communication, connection, and unbridled creativity are the opportunities in store.

What is the definition of 3 in Numerology?

The 3 has a tendency to thrive in an upbeat and engaging atmosphere. Its energy is youthful and positive and it has an incredible zest for life. It dances from one enjoyable experience to the next, eager to interact with others along the way. The prized skill of the number 3 is communication and it uses this talent to build a wide and interesting circle of friends, lovers, and kindred spirits.

The 3 is highly original and embraces unique thinking and creative expression. This number's artistic, curious nature allows it to convey abstract ideas and find solutions others may miss. A child at heart, the number 3 never misses a chance to have fun, engage with others, and express all the love and joy it embodies.

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Strengths of the number 3

Communicative: The 3 is a communicator through and through and shines in all forms of expression. It is bursting with thoughts, ideas, dreams, and musings and must let them out to the world. The number 3 is the "ideas person," and by sharing these notions it attracts supportive energies that can turn its ideas into real plans.

Artistic: Color, music, creation ... anything that engages the senses has the number 3 written all over it. It realizes the written and spoken word can only take us so far. Words can communicate ideas, but to express our feelings we need the unparalleled power of art.

Charming: The number 3 has an easy time attracting other people with its magnetic personality. Its lighthearted demeanor and ability to communicate well combine to create a natural charisma that gets and keeps others' attention. Without even trying, the 3 in Numerology is the apple of everyone's eye.

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Weaknesses of the number 3

Naive: The young and innocent nature of the number 3 in Numerology makes it very unaware of the realities of the world. Because it hasn't had any experience to develop this mature wisdom, it is susceptible to making poor decisions, putting itself in bad situations, and getting burned by others.

Unfocused: This number suffers from shiny-object syndrome. It is excited by everything it sees and won't spend much time looking in one direction before shifting focus elsewhere. It is so full of enthusiastic energy that it just wants to live and love and laugh and create ... which means real-life goals and progress fall by the wayside.

Shallow: The 3 in Numerology prefers to live on the surface of life and relationships. To go deeper would mean opening itself to potential negativity and having to relate to feelings and situations that it doesn't have much experience with. This number puts pleasure before growth -- if it isn't lighthearted and enjoyable, the 3 would rather not participate at all.

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Life Path number 3 in Numerology

Creative and communicative, there's a youthful energy to a 3 person that is exciting to others. These people are upbeat and charming, but they have a lot to learn about the world. Accepting and exploring deep, difficult topics and emotions can help them on their journey of personal growth.

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Personality traits for number 3:

  • Artistic
  • Communicative
  • Curious
  • Jovial
  • Scattered
  • Social
  • Optimistic
  • Naïve
  • Youthful

The Number 3 in Tarot and Astrology

The number 3 Tarot card in a Tarot deck is The Empress, a card of creativity and fertility. She is a source of life and encourages us to embrace the natural beauty and artistry that is all around us. In Astrology, the zodiac signs Gemini and Sagittarius are associated with the 3. Both these signs live to soak up life and thrive on shared ideas and enjoyable experiences.

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3 in your Numerology chart

Having the number 3 anywhere in your personal Numerology helps you live life to its fullest! From your Birth Day number to your Expression number to your Soul Urge number to your Destiny number, no matter where it shows up in your Numerology reading, it blesses you with positive energy, creative self-expression, and many opportunities to connect with and inspire others!

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Other Numerology number meanings

Find out if the number 3 shows up in your chart with a FREE reading »

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