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serial killer Numerology

Murder by Numbers: The Numerology of Famous Serial Killers

What does Numerology have to say about the propensity to commit crime?

By Numerology.com Staff

What makes someone a serial killer? Some say it stems from things they learned in childhood. Others claim there are differences in a serial killer's brain make up. Whether the answer is nature or nurture, there seems to be several common threads when you consider them as a whole.

The same is true when you look at this reviled group through the lens of Numerology. There's typically a numerological pattern that can be one of many explanations as to why someone becomes a criminal. Let's dig into the numerological connection behind the names of nine of the most infamous serial killers in history...

Serial Killer David Berkowitz

The Son of Sam's name is dominated by the number 7. At their best, Numerology says people ruled by this number are seekers of truth and wisdom. They are spiritual and philosophical, and often find their true calling via an unconventional path. Hardly qualities you'd associate with someone who paralyzed New York City with his murder spree in the late 1970s, but consider this: while in prison, Berkowitz became a born-again Christian. Today, he's involved in prison ministry and offers spiritual counsel to inmates. At their worst, people ruled by the number 7 are arrogant, self-centered, and eccentric. Letters that Berkowitz sent to the police and to a local newspaper during his murderous rampage reflect all three of those characteristics.

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Serial Killer Dennis Rader

The man who dubbed himself the BTK killer (the letters stand for "bind, torture, and kill") has a name dominated by the number 8. People ruled by this number have a winner-takes-all attitude. They are competitive, ambitious, efficient, and unafraid of challenges. At their best, they are strong and have the potential for greatness. At their worst, they are destructive and without compassion. In a 1978 letter, he wrote of killing, "It's a terrible nightmare but you see, I don't lose any sleep over it." The number 8 in Numerology implies that this murderer was bound for fame and recognition of some sort -- he just chose infamy instead.

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Serial Killer Ted Bundy

This name is dominated by the number 5. People ruled by this number are risk takers -- daring and courageous. They have sharp intuition and even sharper intelligence, which allows them to adapt to new circumstances quickly. They have excellent reflexes and can make the most important decisions in seconds. This may explain how serial killer Ted Bundy was able to elude authorities for so long, and also how Bundy was able to escape custody not once, but twice. The number 5 also represents someone youthful, dynamic, and energetic, qualities that (along with his boyishly good looks) may have helped Ted Bundy earn his victims' trust.

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Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

Like David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer's name is dominated by the number 7. And also like Berkowitz, Dahmer became a born-again Christian while in prison. The difference lies in Dahmer's base vibration number (underlying tone or rhythm of the name), which is 9. People ruled by this number are idealists. At their best, they can reflect the true nature of all mankind. At their worst, they are impractical and misguided, lacking common sense and preferring to live in their fantasies. This could give someone like Dahmer the means to rationalize an existence of murder, necrophilia, and cannibalism.

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Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy

The name John Wayne Gacy has a base vibration of 5. This number is extroverted, dynamic, stimulating and charismatic. It's no surprise, then, that Gacy was liked and respected by almost everyone who knew him. He entertained children as a clown and was prominent in several community organizations. In Numerology, It's also a number that represents unusual people: eccentrics, artists, people who don't "fit in." Being a serial killer is unusual enough, but Gacy also fancied himself an artist. People with this base vibration usually achieve fame and/or fortune, and Gacy, being one of the most notorious serial killers in history, is no exception.

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Serial Killer Albert DeSalvo

Though he was never tried as the Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo confessed to the crimes and is generally believed to be the man who sexually assaulted and murdered thirteen women. Friends and family say he wasn't capable of such crimes, but Numerology tells a different story. His name is dominated by the number 1, a number in Numerology that is considered a masculine, aggressive force. At its best, it can represent leadership, perseverance, and independence. It's a number that enjoys danger and risk-taking. It is neither patient nor sensitive, and at its worst, can be quite destructive.

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Serial Killer Charles Manson

Like David Berkowitz and Jeffrey Dahmer, the name Charles Manson is dominated by the number 7. While its influence was reflected later in life with both Berkowitz and Dahmer, it served as the basis for Charles Manson's ideology. People ruled by the number 7 are truth seekers. When people meet them, they feel like they're in the presence of greatness. As mentioned in the case of Berkowitz, there is also a philosophical and religious search. Manson dabbled in Buddhism, Animism, and even Scientology. Eventually, he created his own religion and philosophy, complete with followers who would do his bidding.

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Serial Killer Eddie Gein

The name Eddie Gein has a base vibration number of 2. This number represents people who seem unpretentious, non-threatening, and vulnerable -- qualities that can make outsiders underestimate them. There's a feminine energy to this number as well. As a child, Gein was shunned for being shy and effeminate. As he grew older, he developed an unhealthy attachment to his mother, and after her death, created a wearable female body for himself out of corpses. Weakness, fear of confrontation, and lack of confidence are also associated with this number, characteristics instilled in him at a young age by a domineering mother with fanatical religious beliefs.

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Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos

The name Aileen Wuornos has a vowel vibration number of 8. This number represents financial strength, power, and authority -- someone who will do whatever it takes to make money. In Wuornos' case, "whatever it takes" involved prostitution, robbery, and murder. At its best, this vowel vibration represents a visionary -- someone with courage, determination, perseverance, and stamina. When coupled with a bleak childhood and poverty -- as was Wuornos' case -- those same qualities can be utilized for something other than good -- survival and revenge, mainly.

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