Valentine's Day Numerology

Valentine's Day Numerology

Adding up this day of romance

Feb. 14 is a holiday both anticipated and dreaded by most of the western world. While some see it as a celebration of love, others criticize it as a fake holiday invented by candy and greeting card companies. But what is the actual impact of the holiday? We look to the Numerology behind the term "Valentine's Day" itself -- and some of its popular cohorts -- to get to the bottom of this lovey, if not mysterious, holiday.

Valentine's Day

With a Dominant Impression number of 7, the overall reputation "Valentine's Day" sends into the universe is one of significance. You can't escape it, in other words, even if you promise to spend the day locked in your office or at home with a collection of war documentaries.

But the number 7 holds with it a quest for knowledge and truth. Isn't Valentine's Day a day of reckoning for so many couples, a time when they sit down for a romantic date and truly reflect on where they are as a unit? In its most negative sense, this quality could mean one or both partners waiting anxiously for proof of love. A more optimistic view of Valentine's Day's 7 is that it inspires us to look beyond the surface of our relationships -- either as they exist, or as we want them to be.

Knowing that 7 is associated with Valentine's Day, you can enjoy depth and spirituality in this romantic holiday. But beware of arrogance or selfishness that can also be associated with a 7 -- on this day, make sure to show appreciation to your partner instead of waiting around to be showered with gifts!

Saint Valentine

Just who was Saint Valentine, anyway? This mysterious figure may, in fact, have been many saints of the same name, and no clear history is known. One popular story is of a St. Valentine who, in the 3rd century, went against emperor Claudius II's ruling against Christian couples being married. This particular St. Valentine was supposedly martyred for helping Christian couples come together.

Whatever the true identity of Saint Valentine, his Dominant Impression number is 3, which speaks of optimism and enthusiasm. It reflects an upbeat view of love and romance. 3 is a very inspiring number, meaning that Saint Valentine attracts the attention and even loyalty of most. So for all those cynics out there, Saint Valentine still serves as a reminder of the restorative powers of romance. With a Dominant Impression number of 3, Saint Valentine can draw the interest of both passionate and compassionate people.


The Greek name for Cupid, son of the goddess of love, is also the basis for so many great words -- erotic, for example! With a Dominant Impression number of 3, Eros, like Saint Valentine, draws the interest and support of most people, even those who pretend to not believe in love or romantic holidays.

In Greek mythology, Eros was something of a love errand-boy for his mother -- a typical 3, he was cheerful, outgoing and active. When he himself fell in love (with Psyche, a mortal woman), he reflected another 3 characteristic: flightiness. He questioned his new wife's devotion and left her for a time. (Luckily, Psyche's Dominant Impression number is 4, proving that she was grounded and hard-working. When she had to perform a variety of nearly impossible tasks to prove her love for Eros, the typical 4 integrity shined through and she finally won him back.) As a 3, the name (and mythical figure) Eros can attract just about anyone. Given that Eros's job was to prick unsuspecting humans with arrows to watch them fall in love, well, it's easy to understand that Eros's influence is impossible to avoid!

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