Tragedy Rocks Japan

Tragedy Rocks Japan

Numerology and Astrology join forces in this epic disaster

The massive 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan has sent both literal and figurative shockwaves all around the world.

In a true manifestation of synchronicity: March 11, 2011, the date of the disaster in Japan, is a 9 Universal Day. In many Astrology systems, the planet Uranus is ruled by the number 9. Uranus is a slow moving planet that changes zodiac signs only once every seven years. Through no coincidence, this shocking planet of chaos, surprise and rebellion is changing zodiac signs on, you guessed it: this exact same day, March 11, 2011. What's more, it's moving into the sign of Aries, which is known for shaking things up in the most bold and brash ways.

In Numerology, the number 9 is the number of the world, of humanity and global consciousness, sometimes referred to as the "Mother Theresa" number. No doubt, the earthly tragedy in Japan does not end at the country's borders. Relief efforts will call upon people worldwide to aid in the recovery of this horrific event, which all began on this 9 Universal Day. In a spark of hope for these relief efforts, the 9 is, thankfully, a selflessly prosperous number.

It should be noted that other Astrology systems actually associate the number 4 with the planet Uranus (or with the planet of action and aggression, Mars). This is also highly relevant when you remember that the year 2011 is a "4" year in Numerology. In just the first two and a half months of 2011, the world has already been rocked by an incredible amount of political upheaval, revolution and devastating natural disasters, which fall very much in line with the forceful natures of both Uranus and Mars.

These are the energies happening around us, the forces that are there each and every day, impacting our lives and the world at large. While we should all be aware of the synchronistic nature of the world and the numbers that are at play on a day-to-day basis, it's times like this that we really get hit over the head with this concept. Our thoughts go out to the millions affected by March 11's tragic events.

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