Thanksgiving Numerology

Thanksgiving Numerology

Decoding the numbers of the Thanksgaiving holiday

The Thanksgiving holiday means something different for everyone. Throughout history, communities all over the world have celebrated the bountiful harvest with Thanksgiving rituals. In North America, Thanksgiving is a time for friends and families to gather, sharing meals and offering thanks (not to mention the parades and football fests). But there's also a deeper meaning that can be found in this holiday, so we took a look at the Numerology behind three popular words associated with this heartwarming holiday, using Hans Decoz's Numerology Name Advisor.


The word "Thanksgiving" is dominated by the number 6, invoking the sense of a home away from home. It is warm, connected, nurturing, giving and domestic.

"Thanksgiving's" Base Vibration number is 5, symbolizing energy and an appetite for the unusual -- those warm, glowing feelings that help us become more tolerant of our family and loved ones. Lastly, the Vowel Vibration number 1 adds pioneering spirit and a sense of adventure to the word "Thanksgiving," which makes sense since the intrepid pilgrims helped start this tradition in North America. And speaking of the pilgrims...


In American culture, the word "pilgrim" has many connotations. In Numerology, the word carries the numbers 3 and 9. The number 3 indicates optimism, inspiration, enthusiasm and even a bit of luck. "Pilgrim's" Vowel Vibration number is 9, reflecting some of the best humanity has to offer: idealism, self-sacrifice, generosity and moral strength. This is actually quite fitting, considering the pilgrims fled religious persecution in their homeland to come live in the New World -- a risky endeavor that turned out extraordinarily well. On the other hand, this number can also reflect self-righteousness and arrogance, perhaps the kind that comes from appropriating land that is already inhabited by native people.


Like pilgrim, the word "harvest" is dominated by the number 3. Unlike America's famous founders, though, "harvest" is also represented by the number 6 in two powerful placements -- the Vowel and Base Vibrations (the general tone and rhythms of a name). 6 is a warm number; it reflects feelings of domestic security, generosity and hope. What better qualities for the harvest season, which is what Thanksgiving originally celebrated? 6 also represents peace and harmony -- people coming together to share in a generous and bountiful feast. The end of an abundant harvest season meant they raised enough crops to keep them alive during the coming winter, ensuring stability and unity for an entire community. And that was truly a reason to give thanks.

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