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September 11, 2001, is a day we will never forget. As a Numerologist, I have a tendency to analyze dates and related numbers any time something happens. First I realized that September 11, 2001 was a 5 Universal Day (representing freedom, chaos and unexpected events) with a 16 Pinnacle (a karmic number standing for death and rebirth). While this is a combination capable of bringing great havoc, we have had days with a 5 Universal Day number and a 16 Pinnacle before -- days that slipped into history without attracting much attention. However, we have never before had a day containing this exact number sequence: 9-11-2001.

The number 11

After September 11, many people also recognized the fact that the number 11 seems to appear over and over in relation to the events of that day. For example, the actual day number is 11, the first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11, it had 92 people on board and 9 + 2 = 11, the name "Afghanistan" contains 11 letters and so forth.

But why would the number 11 appear to be so dominant on that day? After all, the number 11 is the least aggressive of all numbers. The 11, like the 2, is a non-confrontational, sensitive and peace-loving number. So it appears to make little sense that the 11 is recognized by so many people in connection with the cold-hearted actions of a relatively small group. But here is the good news: the number 11 does not represent the dark side of September 11, 2001.

Bringing us together

To explain what I mean with that, let's talk about a few other numbers for a moment. Over the past 1000 years, the only number that was a guaranteed common denominator among the birth dates of all the people, is the number 1. No matter what day a person was born,the first digit of the year of birth was always a 1; a subtle and underlying energy that slowly but surely pushed us towards learning and understanding the value and uniqueness of each and every individual.

Now, in this new millennium, the only number found in every date is the 2. This reflects a slight change within the forces that carry us forward. The focus shifted ever so slightly from individuality (singularity) to fellowship (association). Numerology has always told us that the new millennium ushers in a global sense of brother/sisterhood. This is the millennium of peace and sharing, because of this shared 2. It is against this backdrop that the events of September 11th took place. And it is against this backdrop that the association with the number 11 makes sense.