Screen Name Numerology

Screen Name Numerology

Examining the numerology behind your online persona

Whether you're creating a Facebook profile, signing up for online dating or you work in an office where instant messenger is the main means of communication, it's important to know your screen name has a persona all its own. Just like your actual name, a screen name creates an instant impression on people who've known you for years ... or people who don't know you at all. Will others think your chosen name is just as cute, clever or professional as you intended?

Beyond its first impression, your screen name has a deeper significance, based on the Numerology behind it. Numerology teaches that numbers have metaphysical significance. When you combine the numbers associated with the letters in your screen name, you get the Dominant Impression Number, which relates to a name's first impression, and the Vowel Vibration Number and Base Vibration Number, which are associated with a name's vocal impact.

Using Hans Decoz's Name Advisor, we'll break down the Numerology behind your online persona based on three common screen name categories.

Gender Terminology

Let's take a look at the Numerology behind three variations of gender terms: girl, gal and lady, using the screen names "libragirl," "libragal" and "libralady." Right off the bat, we know this person is a Libra woman, but what traits numerologically combine with her Libran femininity?

Libragirl is "a name that reflects analytical powers and a quest for knowledge and information, a search for truth and wisdom. The name libragirl makes one feel like one is in the company of greatness and unconventional intelligence. Inventive. Emotion takes a back seat to mental prowess." The first impression of libragal is "Powerful, a conqueror, [who] devours the weak and rules the strong. The name libragal reflects money and power. It is a carnivore, a winner at all costs." As for libralady: "[The name] ... promotes optimism, inspiration and enthusiasm. It feels cheerful, outgoing and charming. This name represents self-expression and communication skills. Its upward energy is a sign of tremendous creativity and all artistic endeavors are empowered by its vibration. The name libralady attracts just about everyone. It carries great public relation and communication skills, and an innate ability to charm the most cynical folks."


Number Placement

It's very common to mix names and numbers within a screen name -- especially when the name you want to use is already taken! In those situations, most websites will designate numbers for you so that your new screen name is unique. Adding numbers to your screen name certainly helps your chances, since there are so many numerical combinations to try. Whether they're the numbers in your home address, graduation year or favorite digit, where do these numbers fit in best?

Let's take our "libralady" and throw some digits into the mix: what's the difference between "321libralady," "libra321lady" or "libralady321"? According to the numbers ... nothing! Surprisingly, where numbers are placed within a name has no impact on the Dominant Impression Number, Vowel Vibration Number or Base Vibration Number. It's the letters that hold the most weight here, so you needn't be concerned about the numbers being placed in the beginning, middle or end of your screen name.

Name Ownership

Now, let's say our Libran lady's full name is Mrs. Cynthia Allison Smith. Should her screen name feature her first name, her title or her initials? Using the screen names, "Cynthia321," "MrsSmith321" and "CAS321" Numerology tells us that Cynthia321 is powerful, plain and simple. Its first impression is hardworking and strong, backed up with its Vowel Vibration that recognizes further the name's ambitious drive. MrsSmith321, on the other hand, reflects softness. Its first impression is passionate, diplomatic and "promotes a careful and competent decision-making process" -- which makes sense, since this screen name belongs to a person who is so proud of her marital bond that she wants to share it with the online world. Although the vowels in MrsSmith321 do not reflect financial strength in itself, they tend to attract resources of just about every other kind: people, governments and institutions. CAS321 is much more masculine. While its Dominant Impression is capable and determined, its Vowel Vibration adds a sense of adventure, plus masculinity and aggression. This is also quite fitting, because initials can be more androgynous, while first names tend to go, for the most part, one way or the other.

Use Your Words

With the help of the Name Advisor, try experimenting with different words that mean the same thing (girl, gal, lady and so on). While different numbers certainly have different meanings, don't worry about where they're placed in the screen name itself. And finally, just like we all have different names we go by, whether it's our first names, our titles or our initials, each one carries its own set of characteristics.

Now that online communication is widespread, consider the psychological impact your screen name may have on other people before you change or create one -- and use those traits to your advantage in the online world and beyond.

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