The Ranks of Royalty

The Ranks of Royalty

An exploration of noble name Numerology

With the much anticipated royal wedding now just days away, many are speculating as to what royal titles the newlyweds will receive upon marriage. Will Prince William be given a title of duke or earl? Does Kate become Princess Catherine? A duchess? A countess? When you take all the factors into account, the possibilities are seemingly endless...

So this really got us wondering about the effect a royal title can have on a person. Granted, these titles would affect each person differently based on their personal name, but looking into the Numerology of their title is a great starting point to see if the numbers help support success in the spotlight.

Prince & princess

The numbers represented in the title "prince" are 2, 5 and 6, which tend to pit a cooperative, tolerant and generous nature against a lack of confidence and unpredictable behavior. The 2 and the 6 work well together, yet the 5's dynamic, passionate energy would need to be subdued to make this an appropriate title for a conservative representative of a nation.

Just the same, the risk-loving nature of the 5 would need to be subdued in the title of "princess" as well, as it is represented by the numbers 4, 5 and 8. While the 4 and the 8 are all about structure, discipline, accomplishment and power, the 5's freedom-loving streak doesn't exactly support the controlled, restrained style of a traditional royal family.

Duke & duchess

The title of "duke" embodies the numbers 5, 8 and 6, making it a courageous and ambitious title, yet also scattered, vulnerable and worrisome. In the grand scheme of a traditional, conservative royal family, the wild number 5 that dominates this name sticks out like a sore thumb. All together, the numbers of "duke" do not work all that well with each other, emphasizing too much of a struggle between freedom and discipline.

"Duchess," on the other hand, is represented by 7 and two 8s. It is a title that supports intelligence and depth, determination and confidence. However, "duchess" can also bring about an air of arrogance. As a general name for a general person, "duchess" could go either way, but when used as a noble title, it's actually a decent fit: compassionate, as a representative of the people, but still placing the person on a higher level -- a noblewoman, not a commoner. [pagebreak]

Earl & countess

The title of "earl" is represented by the numbers 9, 6 and 3. While this title is charismatic and supports an interest in helping and protecting others, it can also be too focused on gaining fame and may be quite emotional and vulnerable to criticism. All in all, its positives balance out its negatives, making this title decent for a nobleman, who wouldn't want to go too far toward either end of the spectrum, anyway.

"Countess" carries the numbers 8, 5 and 3, reflecting achievement, perseverance and power, yet lacking much compassion for others. It certainly falls on the more intense end of the spectrum. Numerologically speaking, the numbers of "countess" plays well off each other, yet when it's the title of a noble public figure, one must be careful not to come across as too brash and unforgiving.

The top of the heap

By far, the best title that can be bestowed upon a royal heir is "queen," numerologically speaking. Dominated by the number 8 and two 4s, the numbers of "queen" are on the same page, working well together to support strength, power, efficiency and conventionality.

As always, balance is key! A mixture of numbers that support each other will be far better off than a name or title dominated by just one number, or numbers that are so opposite that a person lives a life of struggle and tension.

Now look up the Numerology of your name! Find out which numbers dominate your personal title and what they say about your approach to life and the way you interact with others using Hans Decoz's Numerology Name Advisor.

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