Romeo and Juliet Numerology

Romeo and Juliet Numerology

The Numerology compatibility of two star-crossed lovers

Romeo and Juliet are the eternal symbols of young love -- the pure, innocent belief that if two people love each other enough, anything is possible. Their story has become legend over the ages, lending itself to countless stages and screens. But what made these star-crossed lovers tick? We took a look at the Numerology behind these iconic lovers ... just in time for Valentine's Day.

Romeo Montague

The archetypical male lover's name is dominated by the number 9, which represents the height of idealism. The thing that Romeo idealizes above all else is love. After being rejected by Rosaline, whom he loved before Juliet, he fell prey to a despair so dark it rendered him unrecognizable to his friends and relatives. When Juliet later returns his love, his joy is infectious. Romeo's Vowel Vibration number is 5, making him dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate. Adventure and risk-taking are associated with this number, as is instability and unpredictability. Together, these numbers paint a picture of a man that would do anything for love -- no matter how destructive. Two murders and a suicide certainly fit that bill.

Juliet Capulet

The name of Shakespeare's legendary heroine is dominated by the number 2, a number which suggests adaptability, passion, a competent decision-maker and one with a strong survival instinct. Juliet was a stabilizing force to Romeo's impulsiveness -- she made up the rules of their relationship, she suggested they marry in secret and the plan to fake her death was hers alone, done without Romeo's knowledge. The number 2 is one that is often underestimated -- it is the power behind the thrown. Outsiders see someone weak and incompetent, despite the profound strength of individuals ruled by it. This misperception allowed Juliet to orchestrate so much behind the scenes without others catching on.

Their compatibility

So would Romeo and Juliet have made it if it hadn't been for that whole pesky double-suicide thing? Based on their Numerology, probably. We all know that reconciliation between the two warring families wasn't impossible -- but following the death of their children, that's exactly what happened between the Montagues and the Capulets. If those crazy kids had been able to convince their families to kiss and make up whilst still alive, they definitely would have had a shot at lasting love ... based on their shared passion, his adventurous side keeping things exciting and her stable side keeping him from going too far. But, that wouldn't have made for a very exciting story though, would it?

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