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A while back I watched a show about the creation of the universe. I love shows that explain the incredible magic we call creation, especially from the viewpoint of physics. It talked about everything from quantum physics, to parallel universes, to photons and electrons being in several places at the same time, to the existence of an infinite number of universes in existence before the Big Bang and still producing billions of universes today, and so forth. All those different dimensions we can't see or hear, distances we can't possibly relate to, like 164 billion light-years, a whole universe smaller than an electron, and so forth -- I love it all.

Now I'm not saying I comprehend all of this, I just love it because it makes the magic even more amazing and magnificent. But one thing about this show struck me as a little odd, especially considering that I have seen many similar shows and realized this odd thing -- the lack of "why?" All these super-duper brainy scientists have devoted their lifetimes to unraveling the mystery of "how" this creation came to be, what the mechanics are, how long it has been around, where it is going, etc., and yet, I don't remember a single one of them asking the simple question of why all this magic is happening. Who, or what, benefits from this creation? A dumb question perhaps, but I look around at the many incredible manifestations of this creation that I can see and that I can relate to, and everything I see appears to have a purpose. Even when we think something may not have a purpose, it is always just a matter of time and study to discover that it does, in fact, have a reason for being.

So what about this whole gigantic, inconceivable mystery we call creation? What is its purpose? Is there something we don't know that is even more important and valuable? Something that can only come into existence through the workings of galaxies and microbes and invisible particles and dark energy and human beings and flowers and sunsets and...?

Think of it as making coffee. We explore the universe and study tiny particles. Similarly, you can study coffee grains and boiling water and paper filters and be amazed about the molecules and particles they are made of, but we understand quite well that the purpose of those coffee beans and that hot water is that you end up with a cup of coffee you can enjoy. What is it that this creation produces that warrants all that effort and magic? A cosmic cup of java? And if so, who gets to enjoy it? Surely this is a fair question. So here is what I think might, just might, be a truly worthwhile purpose for all of this...

Ask yourself this question: What is the most important benefit, the most valuable experience you, as a human being, can hope for? It is, drum roll please, f-e-e-l-i-n-g g-o-o-d! Think about it. Everything you do, you do in the hope that the end result will be a good feeling. Whether it is making money, courting another human being, giving birth to a child, playing golf, watching a tear-jerker film, whatever. It is as if we humans have only one true purpose, and that is chasing this feeling -- a feeling we can't locate, can't transfer, can't deposit in a bank as a future asset.