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Deep-down desires

With Heart's Desire numbers of 8 and 6, William and Kate are both practical and goal-oriented people who are not afraid of responsibility. However, with Kate's sense of responsibility more focused on family and friends and William's strong commitment to his personal goals and dreams, there may be a push-pull between William's need to take risks for greater rewards and Kate's needs to remain grounded to protect her loved ones. The 8 and 6 combination can go one of two ways -- William and Kate can inspire each other toward more of a middle ground, or they can attempt to dominate each other, instigating guilt trips and victimization. The key here is to not try to overpower each other.

A life apart

Unfortunately, William and Kate's Personality numbers of 1 and 9 can be quite challenging in romance. (They are, however, not bad for business relationships, which is a large part of this union.) This combination of numbers calls for William and Kate to maintain their own lives as well as their life together. The demands of royalty are high, and the 1-9 combination requires that neither William nor Kate get in each other's way or expect each other to always be there when needed. Thankfully, their long courtship and the other numbers in their charts indicate similar approaches to life, which brings in the mutual understanding that's necessary to make this 1-9 combination work.

The verdict

As with any relationship, there will be joyous times and times of struggle, and differences of opinion and bumps in the road are often a healthy way of growing and learning. The key is to respect and understand each other's approach and navigate the good and the bad together. Prince William and Kate's numbers do show the potential for some troublesome feelings to arise, but their numbers play off each other well, indicating that they will be able to lean on each other through it all and continuously return to their glorious royal lives together.