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Regardless of one's political or spiritual beliefs or where one happens to reside in the world, the death of Osama bin Laden was massive news, affecting the face of war and politics worldwide, not to mention the way we react and relate as humans.

Upon bin Laden's death, an interesting number pattern spread across Twitter that many seem to find significant: on the date of his death, Osama bin Laden was 54 years old, and 5 + 4 = 9. And, upon his death, the year was 2011, which contains the number 11. So the correlation many drew is that these two numbers combine to create the number sequence 9/11, the date on which New York's World Trade Center towers collapsed and killed thousands, with the credit for this epic act of terrorism taken by bin Laden and his followers.

So is there great significance tied to this 9/11 pattern? In the world of Numerology, not really. The fact that bin Laden happened to be age 54 at the time of his death simply does not directly relate to the number of a month on which a terrorist attack took place years ago. Also, the fact that it is now 2011 and that it alludes to the number 11 holds little weight because, numerologically speaking, the year 2011 reduces to a 4. This 4 is derived from the numbers 2, 0 and 1, with the two 1s acting as just that: two 1s, not an 11; the number 11 is not at play here.

What is significant, however, is the recognition of this number pattern. In times of surprise and uncertainty, it is human instinct to look for connections, to grasp for meaning. When we find connections, we feel grounded, we feel in control -- even if those connections are insignificant to the actual events at hand. There are countless other number patterns we could pull from Osama bin Laden's life and death that could happen to lead to a number 9 or 11, but there are far more patterns that would lead to a 2, a 7, an 8, what have you -- of course, those are not the numbers we humans are looking for, so these are not the numbers we will see. Nonetheless, we commend the Twitter community for being tuned in to the number patterns at play here!

Yet while so many were focused on this 9/11 number pattern, very few picked up on another pattern happening here that really is something to focus on. Starting with Sept. 11, 2001, it took nine years, seven months and 20 days to find Osama bin Laden, and 9 + 7 + 2 = 9, the number that represents endings, humanity and global consciousness. And, broken down into days, that's 3,519 days, which ALSO reduces to a 9!

So the viral Twitter pattern may not have been as significant as some seemed to think, but there are some relevant number patterns happening here, and we most certainly recognize the need for answers and the importance of all numbers influencing this world-changing situation.

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