Life Path 9 Numerology Compatibility

Life Path 9 Numerology Compatibility

The best and worst love matches for the Life Path number 9

People with a Life Path number 9 are empathetic and faithful. They are genuinely concerned about the well-being of others. But as open and understanding as a 9 Life Path may seem, they can also come across as aloof or arrogant, which could drive a wedge between you if you're trying to begin or maintain a romantic relationship. So which people have the best shot at a relationship with a 9 Life Path, and which are better off looking elsewhere? Keep reading to find out!

9 and 1 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 9 and 1 both lean toward being arrogant and egocentric. This does not make for an easygoing relationship. In fact, 1s and 9s have difficulty understanding the other's point of view at all, and together will create the kind of relationship that their friends and acquaintances just don't understand -- a 1 and a 9 often seem to be polar opposites of each other. The key to success here is distance: each person needs to be independent. While this can be hell in romance, the 1 and 9 combo is much smoother for friends, in business, and between parents and children. Because the numbers stand on opposite ends of the spectrum, they can complement and balance. This is not generally the goal in romance, however, and there must be an intense love between these two for a relationship to flourish -- love, because they'll have little else in common.

9 and 2 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 9 and 2 don't naturally get along very well. A 2 is open and easygoing in matters of the heart, but Life Path number 9 is more careful. Sometimes, 9 can even seem distant. It's not easy for a 9 to be deeply involved in a relationship or act with no inhibitions. A 2, meanwhile, can respond in the moment without first having to weigh the possible consequences. What's the answer? The 9 must learn to let go -- there is no shortage of love in this number. Still, when the 2 invites the 9 to share deep, emotional moments, and the 9 naturally backs away, the 2 may respond with jealousy and confusion. Outside of love, the 2 and the 9 can form effective alliances, especially in business. If love hangs between them, however, they must learn each other's differences and embrace the powerful connection between the two of them.

9 and 3 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 9 and 3 have a great chemistry. The name of the game is unity, and the coupling could last a lifetime. Although both numbers are considered self-centered or egocentric, both have powerful imaginations and intense inner lives that draw them to each other. The 3 can be considered offbeat and original, while the 9 likes to tweak the external world until everything is harmonious. Balance is easy -- the 3 appreciates how the 9 seems able to control events and surroundings, while the 9 loves the easy way the 3 takes advantage of whatever life has to offer. The danger between the two is that both enjoy the limelight, and can sometimes butt heads when trying to take center stage -- competition is a real risk. If the 3 and the 9 can avoid acting like politicians and instead build a caring romantic life, the relationship will feel easy and fulfilling.

9 and 4 Life Path numbers

If Life Path numbers 9 and 4 want the relationship to last, they need to acknowledge important differences right off the bat. This coupling is all about differences in opinion -- it's not that 4 and 9 aren't compatible, they simply don't connect. If romance blooms, it's because other numbers in their charts support it; otherwise, this is one alien combo. The 4 and 9 should remember that the less known about the other, the better -- the fun comes in allowing love to weld their hearts, while allowing their minds to stay free. 4 must allow 9 a life devoted to people or projects that 4 could never get excited about. 9 will have to allow 4 to be more selfless. Unfortunately, no two numbers reflect an unexplainable negative vibration as clearly as a 4 and a 9.

9 and 5 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 9 and 5 have very little in common -- they're like oil and water. If the two are attracted to each other, it's because other numbers in their charts bring them together. 5 is adventurous, dynamic, and freedom-loving, but 9s think of 5s as annoying and irresponsible. 9 is idealistic, dutiful, and responsible, but 5s think 9s are superficial. If a 5 and a 9 do couple off, it is important for the 9 to realize a few things. First, that the only way to impress a 5 is through selflessness. The 9 should let the results of his or her actions speak for themselves. The 5, meanwhile, needs to understand that 9 will find 5 shallow and selfish due to misunderstanding. 5 and 9 must compromise and be diplomatic when it comes to such issues, and only then can they have a successful relationship.

9 and 6 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 9 and 6 have a lot in common. First, they respond to the needs of others, whether those needs are physical, emotional, or spiritual. However, the 6 tends to focus on the needs of family while the 9 tends to focus on all of mankind. Compatibility between the 6 and 9 is strong -- both are self-sacrificing, caring people. While 6 is more practical, though, 9 is more idealistic. Still, love and a strong sense of justice unite these two. If they acknowledge their shortcomings and their potential dark sides -- 9s must be careful not to be too arrogant or self-righteous, and 6s must be careful not to criticize others who think differently -- these two can strike a harmonious balance, a relationship of giving and generosity. Together, these partners form what is certainly one of the best possible Life Path number combinations for each other and for the community at large.

9 and 7 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 9 and 7 generally get along fine, as long as too much interaction isn't required. As a couple, they're just not that interested in each other's issues. The conversation is polite, but there will be a lot of awkward silences. While there isn't a natural magnetic attraction between these two, if they do fall into a relationship, the upside is that there won't be too many problems, either. The only disagreements that arise will probably be related to religion: 9s thrive on faith and understand that all things are in balance. 7, on the other hand, needs to be able to recognize logic and tends to question everything. Sometimes this can turn the 7 into a cynic, which goes against the natural faith of the 9. There are other issues in compatibility as well: 7s and 9s are at odds with how they prefer to live; 7s like life in a great metropolis, while a cozy chalet up on a hill in the countryside would be like paradise for a 9.

9 and 8 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 9 and 8 are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum and have nothing in common -- technically they are not compatible. Strangely, they are often strongly attracted to each other, forming a relationship that can remain interesting and fresh for many years. Between an 8 and a 9, there is always something new to discover. 8s are go-getters with big dreams and expectations; 9s are focused, but driven by different motives and intentions. The priorities here are very different -- the 8 is focused on the material world, the 9 on humanitarian efforts. Often, 8 and 9 will find themselves on opposing sides of a discussion and rarely agreeing when it comes to practical matters. The keyword in this relationship is respect: Disagreements will not weaken the foundation of the relationship as long as both parties appreciate each other and accept the differences.

9 and 9 Life Path numbers

Life Path number 9s are idealists and can dedicate their lives to a single goal, with little worry about money. Funny enough, many 9s find financial prosperity anyway! In romance, two 9s often have a partnership that goes well beyond romance. A pair of 9s tend to recognize that they have similar souls, and then go on to have endless conversations that inspire them to realize their dreams. The bond between two 9s is strong and will not weaken over time -- instead, this couple will thrive on each other's experiences. Extremely compatible, two 9s can form a partnership that will seem unbreakable. Still, there are some dangers here -- 9s must make sure not to believe in a cause so much that it becomes an obsession, and they must be careful not to become arrogant. In romance, 9s need to make sure not to lose their abilities for self-criticism and self-reflection. Everything in moderation!

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