Life Path 4 Numerology Compatibility

Life Path 4 Numerology Compatibility

The best and worst love matches for the Life Path number 4

In Numerology, the Life Path number 4 is stable, dependable, and trustworthy -- seems like a perfect romantic partner, right? The trouble is, people with a 4 Life Path tend to be more rigid and less social than others, so they may not be the best romantic match for an especially adventurous or extroverted person. So, who does make a good match for the strong and loyal 4 Life Path? Keep reading to find out!

4 and 1 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 4 and 1 need to beware: The combo can seem rock solid for a long time, only to crash and burn in the blink of an eye. A 1 runs the risk of being self-centered and risky; a 4 is just as ambitious as a 1, but much more steady and reliable -- a by-the-book kind of person. A 4 will slog through routine to get things done, while a 1 is much more impatient. These two will be golden as long as the 1 avoids a path of unknowns and questionable results; when this happens, the 4's sturdiness will get the 4 labeled a "stick in the mud," frustrating the 1. This will mean death to the relationship. On the other hand, if the 1 is able to respect the 4's need for a secure lifestyle, and the 4 can understand 1's need to try new things, the relationship can endure.

4 and 2 Life Path numbers

A combo of Life Path numbers 4 and 2 is a powerful one. While a 2 is generally sensitive and intuitive, the 4 is grounded and practical. This combination of extremes means relationship balance: the 2 and the 4 are not just complemented, but strengthened by each other. That makes this one of the best number combinations. The two were probably drawn together to fill what each thought was missing in their lives, and mutually admire each other. But the 2 and 4 need to watch out for misunderstanding -- 2 can be annoyed when 4's practical view of life overshadows romance. 4 doesn't always understand 2's emotional consciousness. But when all is said and done -- and this is the key to any healthy, stable, and enjoyable relationship -- this occasional lack of understanding becomes a minor issue in an otherwise perfect balance of human qualities. The differences will bring balance to the relationship, instead of destroying it.

4 and 3 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 4 and 3 make for a great but difficult duo. 3s are fun-loving and playful, with a strong faith in life. For 3s, optimism is the name of the game. 4s, however, are grounded and practical. They desire discipline and are duty-oriented. On the one hand, this makes for a very balanced relationship. As long as there aren't any true obstacles, everything is harmonious for this couple. But when life presents a challenge, a 3 and 4 couple is one of the combos least prepared to deal. The 3 might resent the 4's hard-nosed approach to the problem. The 4 will resent what he or she sees as the go-with-the-flow 3's lack of effort in addressing the problem. Instead of forming a united front, the 3 and 4 may turn against each other. Instead, each must acknowledge the other's different approach to conflict, step back, and avoid being critical. If they can do that, they'll strike an ideal balance.

4 and 4 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 4 and 4 can have either an excellent or a stressful relationship -- there's not much in the middle. 4s enjoy some predictability and routine in their lives. The relationship's success depends on how compatible those routines are -- after all, 4s finely tune their environments to accommodate their own needs. Two 4s should realize that they don't need to spend every hour of the day together, and that, although they should be flexible to their partner's needs, they don't need to sacrifice all their own desires to accommodate a significant other. Together, 4s should appreciate their mutual strengths: 4s are reliable and dependable, true to their word. But they run the risk of creating a lifestyle that is too rigid, one that can drive away family and friends. 4s should practice tolerance -- in their relationships and beyond -- in order to achieve romance.

4 and 5 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 4 and 5 make up a challenging combination. 4s like routine and predictability while 5s prefer change and the unexpected. Often, these two can be each other's polar opposites, which explains the initial attraction. The 4 may be drawn to the 5's daring approach to a dynamic life; the 5 may admire the control and discipline the 4 seems to have. The resulting relationship might feel like a rollercoaster ride. Both differ socially: 5 is far more wild, although 4 can come out and play when the occasion calls for it. In matters of opinion, 4 and 5 will often find each other in opposition. 4 probably leans more toward the right of the spectrum, while 5 leans left. For this partnership to work, the mutual love must be strong enough to allow each person room to stick to his or her lifestyle of choice. If both partners remain flexible and don't take themselves too seriously, love can bloom.

4 and 6 Life Path numbers

It is not that common for Life Path numbers 4 and 6 to fall in love. They have plenty in common -- both are practical and highly responsible, both are family-oriented -- but they are rarely interested in each other. They tend to compete where one might expect them to support each other. If interest does bloom, however, the alliance will probably be comfortable and strong, and will most likely last a long time. Some might even call the relationship indestructible, because a 4 and a 6 can become inseparable. Still, there may be trouble beneath the surface: while 4s rely on structure and control to express love to others, 6s rely on sacrifice and forgiveness. 4s are less flexible and often accuse 6s of being too soft and forgiving. 6s appear more loving than 4s, although this is rarely the case. If both partners remember that they have the same values, their relationship can survive.

4 and 7 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 4 and 7 are very nearly a match made in heaven. United on an intellectual and spiritual (more than physical) level, this relationship is grounded and goal-oriented. 4 is a doer, while 7 is full of ideas and spiritual searching. Think of this combo as "heaven meets earth" -- neither can exist without the other. Often, a 4 and 7 start their relationship at a very early age, drawn together by the fact that each clearly fills the other's needs. The 7 gives the 4 a more philosophical outlook on life, which gives the 4 freedom; the 4 gives the 7 a secure port amid the chaos, which gives the 7 comfort. This is often a combination found in childhood romances that last a lifetime. The main issues arise in how the couple confronts everyday, material life -- 4s require order while 7s are comfortable in clutter. If they can compromise, they can live very comfortably together.

4 and 8 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 4 and 8 make excellent lovers or business partners, working together like gears in an engine. By joining their forces -- creatively or in business -- they quadruple their output. While 4 is persistent, dependable, and determined, 8 is a true visionary. In romance, each respects the other's value. A 4 and an 8 can create a wonderful world together where spiritual bonding happens effortlessly. Still, 8s can seem risk-taking to 4s; 8s can also strike 4s as stubborn. Meanwhile, 8s can see 4s as stuck in the mud. If frustration overshadows love, the relationship could end fast. Compromise is the name of the game, because when this couple is on, they're on. Realizing that this relationship is worth salvaging, the 4 and the 8 should work hard to support each other and then enjoy the productive relationship that follows.

4 and 9 Life Path numbers

If Life Path numbers 4 and 9 want the relationship to last, they need to acknowledge important differences right off the bat. This coupling is all about differences in opinion -- it's not that 4 and 9 aren't compatible, they simply don't connect. If romance blooms, it's because other numbers in their charts support it; otherwise, this is one alien combo. The 4 and 9 should remember that the less known about the other, the better -- the fun comes in allowing love to weld their hearts, while allowing their minds to stay free. 4 must allow 9 a life devoted to people or projects that 4 could never get excited about. 9 will have to allow 4 to be more selfless. Unfortunately, no two numbers reflect an unexplainable negative vibration as clearly as a 4 and a 9.

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