Life Path 2 Numerology Compatibility

Life Path 2 Numerology Compatibility

The best and worst love matches for the Life Path number 2

People with the Numerology Life Path number 2 have soft, understanding souls. But do not be mistaken! The Life Path number 2 is very strong and powerful, yet it displays this strength through diplomacy rather than force. A Life Path number 2 needs a romantic partner who will compromise and is willing to put time and care into a relationship. So which Life Path numbers are most compatible with the 2, and which ones could be trouble? Keep reading to find out!

2 and 1 Life Path numbers

This is a very promising combination because, strange as it may seem, Life Path numbers 2 and 1 have very little in common from the outset. A 1 is strong, driven, and overly competitive, while a 2 is more like the power behind the throne. A 2 understands a deeper level of things, and their intuition keeps a 1 grounded, while the 1 might throw some weight around. There is little power play in this relationship. A 1 and 2 can communicate clearly as they fulfill specific roles: 1 is the driving force, 2 is the peacemaker. But be careful of the backlash: A 2 will bend and surrender to other forces easily, making the 2 more vulnerable to abuse and criticism, while a 1 is more ego-driven and less concerned with damage. Sensitivity to the other's needs can make the 1 and 2 coupling a successful one.

2 and 2 Life Path numbers

The Life Path number 2 reveals a vulnerable, sensitive side. For a couple of 2s in a romantic relationship, this has its pros and cons. On the upside, the duo can be on the same emotional wavelength. The downside, though, is that both are so sensitive that they may avoid addressing serious issues because each is so afraid of hurting the other. When this happens, the problem isn't solved -- it festers and can kill the relationship. In a relationship between two 2s, they must learn to face up to difficulties and have a healthy respect for each other's emotions and accept that, sometimes, confrontation is the only way to clear the air. Otherwise, the two may grow apart as they create a world of comfort on their own -- a world which their partner cannot enter. The best bet here is for each partner to live independently, which does not come that naturally for a 2.

2 and 3 Life Path numbers

A relationship between a vulnerable Life Path number 2 and the thicker-skinned 3 can be full of conflict -- the 3 can seem tactless, insensitive to the small hurts the 2 might experience. However, when little things grow into big emotional issues, the 3 will respond passionately -- a little too passionately, losing site of the love and beauty of the romance. This can cause the 2 to withdraw. On the upside, a combination of 2 and 3 can be very passionate and strong. If the 3 can learn to keep verbal impulses under control, and the 2 has enough self-confidence to handle occasional criticism, the relationship has a shot at succeeding. It can also nurture creative juices in both the 2 and the 3; there is a lot of room for growth and imagination in this relationship. Open, frank discussion is important, but it must be accompanied by sensitivity.

2 and 4 Life Path numbers

A combo of Life Path numbers 2 and 4 is a powerful one. While a 2 is generally sensitive and intuitive, the 4 is grounded and practical. This combination of extremes means relationship balance: the 2 and the 4 are not just complemented, but strengthened by each other. That makes this one of the best number combinations. The two were probably drawn together to fill what each thought was missing in their lives, and mutually admire each other. But the 2 and 4 need to watch out for misunderstanding -- 2 can be annoyed when 4's practical view of life overshadows romance. 4 doesn't always understand 2's emotional consciousness. But when all is said and done -- and this is the key to any healthy, stable, and enjoyable relationship -- this occasional lack of understanding becomes a minor issue in an otherwise perfect balance of human qualities. The differences will bring balance to the relationship, instead of destroying it.

2 and 5 Life Path numbers

Generally, Life Path numbers 2 and 5 have short-lived relationships. Simply put, they don't get -- or particularly like -- each other. Think of the 2 as water and the 5 as fire: in a specific environment, they can benefit each other...but when they occupy the same space, one will destroy the other. The best lesson for them is to stay out of each other's way. If a 2 and 5 do fall for each other, a strong, lifelong relationship can result if each is willing to accept the other as-is. 2s and 5s should never try to change each other. Independence is important here, too. While the 2 understands and respects emotions and intuitions, the 5 understands action and risky adventures. If the 2 and 5 can respect each other's strengths and maintain distance, their relationship has a shot.

2 and 6 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 2 and 6 are considered the most loving numbers of all, but beware -- their love is expressed in different ways. A 2 is aware of the emotional forces at play. The 2 is also very sensitive. A 6 has a powerful urge to care and protect, but must be careful not to smother others with love. 2s and 6s both love without holding back. But in matters not related to love, 2s and 6s can be polar opposites. 2s need companionship, security, and comfort; a 2 can even be a tad needy and jealous. In a romantic relationship with a 2, a 6 must be careful not to give too much time or attention to someone else. Meanwhile, a 6 is rarely insecure in a romantic relationship, but may be packing some demons. Luckily, this kind of baggage won't do more than put a dent in this duo, who will easily create a solid foundation.

2 and 7 Life Path numbers

With Life Path numbers 2 and 7, intuition meets intelligence and sensitivity meets clinical research. Or think of it as the heart meeting the mind. It's rare that a 2 and a 7 will ever express any interest in each other, but when they do, the partnership will be solid. It's most likely that the 2 reached out to the 7 during their first meeting, and the energy exchange was -- and will continue to be -- electric. Most of the large obstacles happen during the beginning of this relationship: there is a huge difference in thinking and communication to overcome. 2s are gentle and romantic. 7s require a lot to earn their love. The way to a 7's heart is wisdom and spiritual understanding, and 7s do not trust love that comes too easily. Meanwhile, a 2 will have a hard time understanding why it takes someone so long to respond. That's why this relationship will most likely happen after many years of friendship.

2 and 8 Life Path numbers

Life Path number 2 is often drawn to Life Path number 8 because of the 8's inner strength. Viciously goal-oriented, an 8 is a force to be reckoned with. An 8 understands that a 2 experiences the true power of emotions. Together, the 2 and the 8 can bring each other balance, but they must also beware: there is often a lot of illusion in this pairing, and when the illusion falls apart, so may the partnership. Often, the strength or romance one sees in the other will falter, causing a break in the relationship. Both the 2 and 8, then, must take special care to see each other as they truly are. The 2 must love not just the 8's strength and abilities, but also their weaknesses. The 8, in turn, must love more than the 2's romantic presence -- they must also acknowledge the 2 as a whole person.

2 and 9 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 2 and 9 don't naturally get along very well. A 2 is open and easygoing in matters of the heart, but Life Path number 9 is more careful. Sometimes, 9 can even seem distant. It's not easy for a 9 to be deeply involved in a relationship or act with no inhibitions. A 2, meanwhile, can respond in the moment without first having to weigh the possible consequences. What's the answer? The 9 must learn to let go -- there is no shortage of love in this number. Still, when the 2 invites the 9 to share deep, emotional moments, and the 9 naturally backs away, the 2 may respond with jealousy and confusion. Outside of love, the 2 and the 9 can form effective alliances, especially in business. If love hangs between them, however, they must learn each other's differences and embrace the powerful connection between the two of them.

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