Life Path 1 Numerology Compatibility

Life Path 1 Numerology Compatibility

The best and worst love matches for the Life Path number 1

People with the Numerology Life Path number 1 are confident go-getters who have a lot of pride in themselves and their skills. They are direct, loyal, and action-oriented and need a romantic partner who is compatible with this energy! So which other Life Path numbers make a perfect match for the number 1 -- and which combinations spell disaster? Keep reading to find out...

1 and 1 Life Path numbers

Two Life Path number 1s make a challenging combo. There is almost too much in common in this relationship of extremes: both are competitive people who like to be center stage, and it's hard to tone down this "winner take all" approach long enough to even attract someone. In a romantic relationship, these two tend to be very confrontational. Still, this kind of passion can make for an attraction powerful enough to overcome the competitive streak. Two 1s should take care to concentrate on the compatible, loving aspects between them and accept that both cannot be top dog all the time; they should instead respect that they are both strong individuals. Two 1s should avoid letting verbal arguments escalate and check themselves before becoming too aggressive. Unfortunately, violence is a possibility within this combination, so 1s should think twice -- or three times -- before speaking in high-pressure situations.

1 and 2 Life Path numbers

This is a very promising combination because, strange as it may seem, Life Path numbers 1 and 2 have very little in common from the outset. A 1 is strong, driven, and overly competitive, while a 2 is more like the power behind the throne. A 2 understands a deeper level of things, and their intuition keeps a 1 grounded, while the 1 might throw some weight around. There is little power play in this relationship. A 1 and 2 can communicate clearly as they fulfill specific roles: 1 is the driving force, 2 is the peacemaker. But be careful of the backlash: A 2 will bend and surrender to other forces easily, making the 2 more vulnerable to abuse and criticism, while a 1 is more ego-driven and less concerned with damage. Sensitivity to the other's needs can make the 1 and 2 coupling a successful one.

1 and 3 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 1 and 3 form one of the best combos for happiness and long-lasting, mutual pleasure. The 1's individualism meshes well with the creative, "anything goes" attitude of the 3, and these two could easily become the "fun couple" among their friends. A 1 and a 3 are both fun-loving -- the two can expect to have exciting adventures followed by enlightening conversation. And together, these two overcome obstacles more easily than most couples. The 1's forceful personality means they drive this relationship, and the 3 contributes sunshine and lightness of heart. But a 1 and 3 should be careful: a 1 puts a premium on responsibility and loyalty, while a 3 is more playful and restless and changes direction more easily. Paradoxical as it may seem, it is precisely the unlikeness between these numbers' personalities that brings balance to this relationship.

1 and 4 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 1 and 4 need to beware: The combo can seem rock solid for a long time, only to crash and burn in the blink of an eye. A 1 runs the risk of being self-centered and risky; a 4 is just as ambitious as a 1, but much more steady and reliable -- a by-the-book kind of person. A 4 will slog through routine to get things done, while a 1 is much more impatient. These two will be golden as long as the 1 avoids a path of unknowns and questionable results; when this happens, the 4's sturdiness will get the 4 labeled a "stick in the mud," frustrating the 1. This will mean death to the relationship. On the other hand, if the 1 is able to respect the 4's need for a secure lifestyle, and the 4 can understand 1's need to try new things, the relationship can endure.

1 and 5 Life Path numbers

Put Life Path numbers 1 and 5 into a relationship and they will turn heads and get people whispering. This is also a relationship where the words "bored" and "empty" never enter the equation. This combo is like wind and fire -- the energy between the personality traits of these numbers can both create and destroy, but the 1 and the 5 feed on each other's strengths and respect each other's powers. Together, the 1 and the 5 create moments of rarely achieved highs and ecstatic experiences of love and bonding. Still, the intensity of this match can blow the other way and make the 1 and 5's shared lifestyle a destructive one involving addiction or laziness, which can lead to mutual blame of the other. The 1 and the 5 simply need to keep adventurism in check. 1 will play the role of captain of the ship, while the impulsive 5 is the free spirit.

1 and 6 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 1 and a 6 are lucky to find each other. A 6 has a great capacity to love and is perhaps the most harmonious of all numbers, while a 1 is an excellent protector who prizes loyalty above all else. A 1 can make a 6 feel safe and secure. Together, they can score a long-lasting relationship that is free of the turbulence so many other couples experience. The downside is that a 1 has only one speed: fast. And a 1 doesn't tolerate weakness. Meanwhile, a 6 is compromising and forgiving, which sometimes makes them seem too sacrificing. A 1 must be careful not to see this as a weakness. The important thing for both a 1 and 6 to understand is that they have different views of human qualities. If they can value the other's good strengths, they're in it for the long haul.

1 and 7 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 1 and 7 are a wildcard combination -- a couple that either thrives or doesn't stand a chance. There's a powerful intellectual connection here, with the 1's brazen attitude of questioning new and old concepts and the 7's intense curiosity. The 7 is a true rogue, digging and challenging conventional thinking. This is a free-thinking duo, but a 1 and a 7 can be dragged down when it comes to matters of the heart. Neither is eager to expose anything deep or personal, because both 1s and 7s are intensely private people -- 1s want to appear strong, and 7s are most comfortable keeping a distance from others. To succeed even with this setback, a 1 and 7 need to cultivate emotional courage to expose their sensitive, vulnerable sides and lay themselves open to each other. The 7 especially needs to avoid becoming cynical and unreachable.

1 and 8 Life Path numbers

People with a Life Path number of either 1 or 8 are strong-willed; unfortunately, both are also pretty stubborn. In a relationship, the two are like captains on the same ship, where conflicting orders can lead to explosive arguments and hurt. Compromise is premium. The 8 has financial savvy which complements both numbers' strong business sense, but in work, as in love, both must keep each other's duties separate to avoid stepping on toes. Both the 1 and the 8 demand full respect and an equal playing field, and neither one can handle being dominated. Fortunately, the 1 and 8 also enjoy sharing rich life experiences. If they can acknowledge that they are both sensitive people behind the strong facades, and if both can compromise and communicate on a daily basis, a 1 and an 8 can enjoy a rewarding, happy relationship full of common interests.

1 and 9 Life Path numbers

Life Path numbers 1 and 9 both lean toward being arrogant and egocentric. This does not make for an easygoing relationship. In fact, 1s and 9s have difficulty understanding the other's point of view at all, and together will create the kind of relationship that their friends and acquaintances just don't understand -- a 1 and a 9 often seem to be polar opposites of each other. The key to success here is distance: each person needs to be independent. While this can be hell in romance, the 1 and 9 combo is much smoother for friends, in business, and between parents and children. Because the numbers stand on opposite ends of the spectrum, they can complement and balance. This is not generally the goal in romance, however, and there must be an intense love between these two for a relationship to flourish -- because they'll have little else in common.

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