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April 4, 2011 is a unique date, as it reduces to 4-4-4; April is the 4th month, the 4th is the 4th day, and the year 2011 reduces to a 4 as well: 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 = 4. Of course, pretty much every year contains a few dates that reduce to three identical single-digit numbers. Next year, there will be May 5 (as well as May 14 and May 23) that will reduce to 5-5-5. The year after, June 6, 15 and 24 will reduce to 6-6-6, and so forth. This year, April 4, 13 and 22 all reduce to 4-4-4, and all three days will have a lot in common.

The 4 has everything to do with methodical, persistent effort. It has an eye for detail and is predictable in its actions. There is nothing uncontrolled about a 4. It is down to earth, reliable, trustworthy, well organized and efficient. It is the number for accountants, middle managers and skilled craftsmen. And so, a day with excessive 4 energy is an excellent day to start a new project, especially a long-term project that requires continues effort and attention and a systematic approach to a well-defined goal.

But there are other numbers at play too; April 4 is a 3 Universal Day. The 3 brings at least as much of its qualities to the table as the 4 and, to make it more interesting, the 3 is the 4's exact opposite. Where the 4 energy is contracted, focused, stable and bundled, the 3 energy is scattered, creative and expanding. Therefore, while it is still a great day for a project that requires the traits of a 4, it would be equally good for any creative undertaking that desires the flexible, optimistic, try-everything approach of a 3.

And there is more good news. The 8 is also strongly represented on April 4, not only as the number of the Universal Month cycle, but also in three of the four Pinnacle numbers. The 8 and the 4 work very well together, particularly in a business environment, as the 8 is a visionary, a risk taker, a great and daring planner and an authoritative, powerful number. So when it comes to picking a day when all the numbers are lined up just right to start a creative, long-term business project, the three dates in April that reduce to all 4s (the 4th, 13th and 22nd), are about as good as it gets.