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Sun Number 7

It's been a strange and somewhat unsettling year, but November should bring some stability to your relationships with friends, family and lovers. 11/11/11, specifically, is a day to spend time with family and friends -- you need their attention and they need yours now. It's also a good day for romance, even long-term commitment. It's a great day for family dinners, celebrations and anniversaries. And if you are one of the thousands of people getting married on 11/11/11, you are really in luck -- all the stars are in line to make it a success.

Sun Number 8

You've been all over the map lately, and may be misreading others and acting a little insensitive -- especially on 11/11/11. Though your intuition is sharper than usual on this date, your ability to correctly read the meaning of what's happening around you is diminished.

It's best if you avoid confrontations in personal and professional matters on 11/11. This date is not at all good for business and finances, but may actually give you the tricky illusion that you are on the ball, even when you're not. Still, as long as you remain upbeat and supportive, friendship and social events are actually favorable on this date. Romance is favored for you as well, and your ability to entertain is enhanced now.

Sun Number 9

Feel like you've been plodding through five feet of snow all year? If so, you'll be happy to know that November can actually be very satisfying. But while you see loyalty and support from your friends and family, you will probably still have to deal diplomatically with a long-standing problem soon. Yes, tension is going to come to a head, but 11/11/11 is not the date to deal with this matter. For you, there are very sensitive energies that are conflicting with more no-nonsense, confrontational energies on this date.

11/11 is more suited to practical matters for you, so stick with that. This doesn't mean romance and personal connections are off the table, just make sure you avoid all matters that are sensitive and emotionally vulnerable.

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