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11/11/11 is bringing a very rare opportunity to see your life in a whole new light. It's a day when our lives blend together on a higher level than any other day. Long story short, this one day has the potential to affect our lives and the way relate, far into our future. Want to know how this date is going to affect you personally? Look no further: your 11/11 predictions are here, straight from master Numerologist Hans Decoz!

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Sun Number 1

11/11/11 represents a completion, a finishing point for you, with 11/12 representing a new dawn, accompanied with a nice dose of fresh energy.

You will likely be a bit more sensitive than usual on 11/11/11, which has can be positive and negative. On one hand, you have a tendency to take yourself too seriously now, making mountains out of molehills and being a bit melodramatic. But you're also more insightful and better attuned to understanding what is going on around and within you. 11/11/11 favors romance for you as well, as your enhanced charisma helps you impress others.

Sun Number 2

11/11/11 is a new beginning, and you have the energy to kick-start a new venture. However, the ground is a bit shaky, as not only the 11 is dominant on this day, but also the 1 -- two numbers that tend to push us in different directions. You are emotionally vulnerable and may have a tendency to misread the signals, but there is also a sense of having the wind in your back, which makes you more confident. You are a little like the kid riding his bike for the first time now; it's all new and exciting and you are making progress and learning, but you are also a bit wobbly and unstable. If you can just stay balanced, you should be able to cover a lot of ground.

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