Judging Judgment Day

Judging Judgment Day

Decoding the numbers of May 21, 2011

Is Judgment Day upon us?

Some say yes, thanks to Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping, who has gained a following of firm believers after he announced that clues from the Bible pinpoint May 21, 2011 as the iconic Judgment Day. This is the day on which Christ is expected to return to Earth to separate the good from the bad. Those deemed "good" will be on their way up to heaven, yet those who have sinned against God will be left behind to live for five more months, denied entry into the afterparty that lies beyond the pearly gates. Then come Oct. 21, the universe and all those left in it will cease to be forever.

Of course, this is not the first time a definitive doomsday has been calculated, even by Harold Camping himself, yet so far, every other prediction has obviously missed the mark. So while the patterns of history suggest that this Judgment Day, too, will come and go just as any other day, let's investigate the Numerology of this exact date to see if the numbers at play support this alleged Rapture.

Remember, May 21, 2011 is not being prophesized as the end of the world. Rather, it is marked as the beginning of the end, with the supposed end predicted for Oct. 21, 2011.

May 21, 2011 is a 3 Universal Day within a 9 Month and a 4 Year. The most influential number of the day is the 3, a number that represents communication -- perhaps, in this case, communication straight from God. Yet the 3 also stands for creativity and lightheartedness -- a childlike state that is far from the heaviness associated with Judgment Day (heavy unless, of course, you're part of the 3% of humanity expected to be saved on this day).

The next most influential number at play is the 9, a number of humanity and awareness. In line with the Rapture, the 9 would support the concept of awareness -- after we are judged, we will become aware of where we stand in the eyes of God. However, the compassion and generosity associated with the 9 certainly don't sync up with the criticism and judgment the day of Rapture is expected to bring. [pagebreak]

Lastly, the 4. The 4 is a very rigid number, one that represents foundations. On May 21, 2011, this rigidity could be connected to God's stark criticism, and perhaps this 4 is laying the foundation now for the end that's expected in October. However, every date that falls within 2011 occurs in this 4 Year, making this a fairly moot point as the 4's influence on this specific day is quite minimal. Still, the 4 can be very strict, religiously, creating a strong divide between the believers and the non-believers.

So on this day of Rapture, God is expected to communicate (3) his opinions of every one of us to make us aware (9) of where we fall short, creating a basis (4) for the apparent end of days that follows in October. So sure, we can draw a connection between Judgment Day and the numbers of May 21, 2011, but there are two sides to every coin, and this combination of numbers could represent a wealth of situations that have nothing to do with God, Rapture, judgment or any impending doomsday. Numerologically, we can expect this day to bring inspiration, expression and optimism, with, perhaps, a bit of moodiness and scattered energy mixed in.

In fact, making a case against Judgment Day is Numerologist Hans Decoz himself, who had a doomsday experience decades ago that shaped his skepticism around end-of-the-world prophecies. "When I was about 10 or so," he says, "quite a few people in Europe believed that the day of reckoning was upon us, in the form of a flood that would drown everyone except those who made it up to the tops of the highest mountains. I remember the news reporting that hundreds of people were climbing Mont Blanc and other mountains to escape the flood. I wonder what it felt like to spend a day up there after a long climb, only to be disappointed and have to climb back down."

Yes, some believe the end is nigh, but the majority of the public expects May 21, 2011 to come and go just like any another Saturday. Again, this is not the first time Judgment Day has been predicted down to an exact date, and if history is any indication of its credibility, don't cancel your plans for May 22 just yet.

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