Partnership Patterns

Partnership Patterns

Decoding your romantic past

For many, exes can be a real rough topic -- but if you can put aside your feelings for a moment to really look at your relationship history as a whole, you may actually come across some surprising and helpful patterns among the people of your past.

It is quite common for people to attract romantic partners that have similarities. After all, choosing a partner based on personal likes and dislikes is not all that different from the kind of preferences we have when it comes to food, wine, dress style and so forth.

What is interesting is that preferences for food and clothing are clear and well-established for most of us ... but this is not the case with people. Obviously, a lot has to do with the fact that human beings are extremely complex. And yet, there are traits and qualities that tend to stand out enough that they are recognized, often on a subconscious level, fairly soon after meeting a person. It is one or more of those qualities that causes the attraction.

And naturally, people with similarities must have something in their overall makeup that makes them similar in the first place -- and that's where Numerology comes in.

A person's name and birth date play an incredibly significant role in their overall personality, lifestyle and values. But of course, it's not the name or birth date that you're attracted to, it's the person who bears them ... and Numerology is the direct connection between the two.

Have you ever noticed that you tend to date people whose names start with the same letter? Well, the first letter of one's name, the Cornerstone, indicates how a person deals with opportunities and obstacles, thereby affecting their personality and, in turn, your level of attraction to them. Additionally, the last letter, the first vowel and so on influence different facets of a person's personality, so you may find personality patterns throughout other letters as well. Click here to find out what each specific letter means in a name.

In the same light, patterns among your partners' birth dates create patterns in their personalities as well. A person's Sun Number comes from their date of birth, and affects the way they approach changing circumstances -- so in a world where circumstances are changing second by second, an individual's Sun Number has a huge impact on their overall personality and demeanor and, again, your level of attraction to them. Click here to learn about Sun Numbers and what each one means.

Numerology is a study of patterns and cycles, as revealed in numbers and letters. As such, this concept of naming and number patterns within those we connect with touches upon the true essence of this science. There is a need for us to recognize harmony in all things. It is what we love more than pretty much anything. Harmony is peace. Harmony is beauty.

Recognizing that a sense of harmony can be found even in the midst of the apparently random and dynamic environment we live in offers comfort, and can be a basis for faith.

Everything is harmony, really. It is only due to our need to judge everything -- including our own experiences and our inability to see the connections between all the variables -- that we miss out on that. Recognizing this kind of pattern enforces the concept that harmony and connectivity exist in what may seem to be unlikely places.

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