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The name "Lindsay" is dominated by the numbers 3, 1 and 2. First and foremost, the 3 is the number of creativity, making it a stellar number to dominate the name of a professional actress. However, the 3 can lack focus and discipline, which has certainly been an issue for Lindsay in the past. Thankfully, though, the 1 in the name "Lindsay" works to squash this flighty nature with drive and determination. And, while the 1 can be quite brash, the 2 in the name "Lindsay" helps to soften the edges of that 1, since it supports a much warmer and gentler nature. After seeing Lindsay's rollercoaster life play out before us for years now, it looks like dropping her last name in favor of "Lindsay" could be a huge benefit.

Exploring options

What about "LiLo?" This shortened moniker has been used to refer to Lindsay in entertainment media for a long time now, but we do not recommend it -- it's actually the worst of all the names she could choose! But we also ran the numbers on her full birth name, "Lindsay Dee Lohan" and, for argument's sake, shortened it to just "Lindsay Dee" too. Believe it or not, both of these names would do her well! "Lindsay Dee Lohan" might not be the best name long term, but it introduces two 4s to the picture, bringing to light a hard-working, organized nature Lindsay could desperately use now. And "Lindsay Dee" just might be the best name of all -- it's a name of success and harmony, and would help make her more aware of those around her -- all of which she currently lacks.

So there you have it, Lindsay, numerological proof! As long as you do it with good intention, we here at Numerology.com fully support a name change -- in fact, your life could depend on it.