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It was reported recently that America's favorite trainwreck, Lindsay Lohan, may be getting rid of her last name in favor of the one-name title "Lindsay." Her rep is denying the possibility of a name change, but we couldn't help but wonder: considering the downward spiral she's been stuck in for years now, would a name change actually be a good thing for Lindsay's life, health and career? We turned to Hans Decoz's Name Advisor for answers!

Lindsay Lohan

With two 8s and a 9 dominating the name "Lindsay Lohan," it seems like a great name for a young actress in the competitive world of Hollywood, right? Well, although there is great potential in this name, in Lindsay's actual life, she seems to be working hard against this potential, bringing out the negative sides of these numbers instead of the positives.

Though the number 8 is linked to money and power, it demands balance to reach its potential, and through a string of drunk driving incidents, addiction issues and a volatile family life, it's obvious that balance is not in this girl's vocabulary ... which puts wealth and success out of arm's reach. Though the name "Lindsay Lohan" has the potential for greatness, when it's not balanced with compassion, the name becomes self-destructive. And while the 9 in this name could actually provide that necessary compassion, Lindsay is hell-bent on supporting the misguided, self-righteous aspects of the 9's personality instead. All in all, sticking with the name "Lindsay Lohan" is not a healthy choice for this struggling star.