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This method might be helpful to get someone roughly familiar with a number's personality, but it is a long way from understanding the true nature of that number as it may appear in different places, environments, and so forth. It is for that reason that in my book Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self, I describe the qualities and attributes of each number every time I discuss a different aspect of the chart.

I describe the implications of the number 1 when it appears as a Life Path number, than again as an Expression number, again as a Heart’s Desire number, again as a Personality number, and so forth throughout the personality profile part as well as the forecasting part of a Numerology chart. The hope is that reading and recognizing the subtle differences will help a student become familiar with each number with much more depth and understanding than by simply memorizing a bunch of traits. It takes time before an aspiring numerologist reaches a depth of knowledge that allows him or her to recognize the presence of a number simply by looking at a behavior and vice versa.

The number 1, for example, is masculine, strong, aggressive, competitive, confrontational, goal-oriented, and so forth, while the number 2 is its opposite, as it is feminine, subtle, gentle, diplomatic, sensitive, cooperative and conciliatory, to name a few of its more obvious attributes. So when a person acts assertive, perhaps even bullish, you might conclude that the number 1 is probably dominant in that individual’s chart. Another person might behave more placidly, careful to keep the peace, to find common ground, and to be tactful, showing signs of a 2. By the same token, if you know a person has the number 1 dominant in a chart, when you place him or her in a combative environment you can pretty much predict that he or she will behave confrontationally, won’t back down, and will try to use verbal or physical force to win the argument, while the person with a 2 in their chart will try to find common ground, be tactful, and defuse the situation as peacefully as possible.

Also, look at the shape of each number as it symbolizes (numbers are, by definition, symbols) its attitude. The 1, upright, unbending, in your face, and the number 2, humble, flexible, and resilient, almost as if it is on its knees and bowing down. But make no mistake that whereas the 1 is unbending, it will break under too much pressure, while the flexible 2, at times squashed by too much weight, will come right back up when the pressure lets off -- the survival qualities of the feminine 2 tend to outlast the stubborn, masculine 1.

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