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Light and dark

How do these two words compare, especially after comparing "love" and "hate?" With "light," the Core numbers are very similar to those of "love" -- "light" has an Expression number of 11, a Heart's Desire number of 9 and a Personality number of 2. What "light" and "love" have in common are the 11 qualities of understanding, wisdom and enlightenment. 11 illuminates whatever it comes into contact with. The Heart's Desire number of 9 shows that these words are deeply committed to solving (or brightening) the biggest of problems. And "light"'s Personality number of 2 shows that it is a gentle word.

Meanwhile, "dark" has an Expression number of 16/7, a Heart's Desire number of 1 and a Personality number of 6. The only way "dark" is different from "hate" is that the Heart's Desire and Personality numbers switch places. Notice that both words have the same Core numbers.

Dog and Cat

Here are two words that are associated with loyalty, companionship and domestication. But these two creatures have very different natures and dispositions, and this is reflected in their respective numbers. "Dog" has an Expression number of 8, which hints at a protective ability. With a Heart's Desire number of 6, "dog" has a need for a stable, comfortable home, and craves attention. With a Personality number of 11, the dog has a strong emotional core and is in tune with the ups and downs of its owner's moods.

Meanwhile, "cat" has an Expression number of 6, which strongly points to a homebody nature driving it. But with a Heart's Desire number of 1, there is a strong and stubborn streak that runs through this well-loved, domesticated animal. Finally, with a Personality number of 5, the need for freedom is strong in this one. With all of these numbers, the word "cat" shows a being that cannot be controlled (which any cat owner on earth would tend to agree with).

With both "dog" and "cat" sporting 6 as their Core numbers, there is a lot both of these words -- and species -- have in common. But with a Heart's Desire number of 6, the dog is clearly more in need of emotional attention. Meanwhile, the cat is less obedient.

As you can tell, Numerology is extremely accurate. Not only is it insightful about a word or name's characteristics, it can predict future events and tendencies. There is a lot of wisdom that we all sense -- without acknowledging -- that Numerology taps into. Simply put, Numerology is a sense of universal subconscious. Luckily, it's also very accessible!