Beyonce's Blue Ivy

Beyonce's Blue Ivy

Decoding baby Blue Ivy's "IV" with name Numerology

Strange baby names are nothing new in Hollywood -- it seems every few months a new celebrity baby is born whose name has us scratching our heads. And now we come to the latest addition to this collection of off-beat baby names: Beyonce and Jay-Z's new little girl, Blue Ivy Carter.

Now Blue Ivy Carter isn't the wackiest name out there by any means. But what it does have that the others are lacking is a direct, intentional connection to Numerology!

A few other celebs have already started using numbers when naming their little bundles: Victoria and David Beckham's love of the number 7 led them to name their new daughter Harper Seven, and Natalie Portman recently named her first son Aleph, the Hebrew word for the number 1.

So what about the name "Blue Ivy Carter" has anything to do with numbers? Both Beyonce and Jay-Z have a connection to the number 4: Beyonce was born on Sept. 4 while Jay-Z was born on Dec. 4, giving them both 4 Birth Day numbers. Because they both identified with the number 4, when it came to marriage, the two selected April 4, 2008 (4/4) as their wedding date. And that finally brings us to baby Blue Ivy. The name "Ivy" is actually a play on words, standing for "IV" -- yep, Beyonce and Jay-Z based baby Blue's middle name on the Roman numeral for the number 4!

And Blue Ivy's connections to the number 4 don't end there. Born on Jan. 7, 2012, this little tot was born with a 4 Life Path, the most important number in a person's Numerology chart. On top of that, Blue Ivy's Main Challenge is 4, and 4 is one of her Karmic Lessons as well. Lastly, even though "Ivy" is this name's intentional connection to number 4, the name "Blue" even reduces to a 4!

So what does this all mean? The number 4 is one of structure, foundations and practicality. It is a conventional, conservative number that doesn't exactly scream excitement, but as the daughter of megastars Beyonce and Jay-Z, we're betting Blue Ivy will get her fair share of excitement in life. In fact, growing up in a famous family could provide such an overblown, dynamic environment for a child that her grounded, careful 4 energy could be just what she needs to add balance to her life in the spotlight.

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