Fashion Numerology

Fashion Numerology

Your outer personality meets the inner you

In Numerology, many factors go into determining a person's personality, including name and birth date. From this information, you can get a wealth of insight: your personal tendencies and habits, strengths and weaknesses, passions and causes.

One of the most important numbers to look at in your Numerology profile is your Life Path number, since it determines what you're all about. And while it can guide you to the right career and lifestyle choices, your Life Path number also has more everyday applications -- like what you should be wearing!

Read on to get the rundown on the clothing styles that reflect your life, your habits and your true self.

Life Path number 1

Since you're a born leader and like to be in control, opt for business-wear -- trousers in place of jeans, blouses instead of your run-of-the-mill t-shirts and plain sweaters. You need to wear clothes that show you have authority.

Shoe-wise, go for kitten heels or sensible pumps. You'll feel like you command respect, without going too far out on a fashion limb. They're also sensible for all the moving and shaking you'll be doing throughout your day!

But just because you're dressing business-appropriately doesn't mean you should be wearing bland colors; quite the opposite. Go for bold, daring hues that respect your status but also draw the eye to you. You love the limelight, so put on colors and don't be afraid of prints. Make it clear that center stage is exactly where you belong, and where you expect to remain.

At the same time, don't wear high-maintenance clothes that call for constant adjustment or checking. With this Life Path number, there is the danger that you can become too obsessed with how you look. Make sure you're comfortable!

Life Path number 2

You are not naturally at ease as the center of attention; you are the middleman (or woman), so dress comfortably to withstand whatever difficult situations you might have to smooth over, and make sure that the fabrics you choose are smooth to the touch. They should be muted in color -- earth tones, pastels and neutrals are your style.

But don't shy away from "natural chic" -- sun dresses that flow, skirts that don't cling too tightly, peasant blouses and comfy sweaters. You are a born comforter, so dressing in a way that shows your connection to both creativity and peace will get the point across.

You can be shy and modest to a fault, so don't be afraid to try out more daring cuts -- show cleavage occasionally, or opt for something off the shoulder. You have a natural, warm beauty -- don't disguise it with too many layers or by covering up out of a sense of insecurity. Also remember to tap into your creative side. Experiment with scarves and other accessories that show your gentle but artistic nature (think a dialed-down Stevie Nicks).

Life Path number 3

Your ability to express yourself translates well to your wardrobe. Your personality is charming and unusual, so don't be afraid to experiment with unusual cuts, styles and trends. If you draw puzzled stares, embrace it!

But don't think this gives you free license to go hippie chic or full-out Bohemian. You're at your best when you're focused, and when you give off that impression of discipline. Veer toward professional: think of pairing flowy or flaunty dresses with blazers. A good rule of thumb is to put one unusual item of clothing with one more conventional piece to achieve maximum allure.

Interestingly enough, because you have such a great sense of humor (and because people respect your witty turn of phrase), you can also get away with clever novelty t-shirts. These work best over pressed jeans and fashionable shoes, because slovenly or casual isn't really your style (you don't want to be overlooked, do you?).

Just don't go too overboard with fashion. Make sure to frequent used and vintage clothing stores, or exchange boutiques, since 3s are known for spending more than they have. Luckily, this works for you: an edge of the retro, finished off by your impeccable sense of style, ensures that you are able to truly be yourself: iconic and presentable.[pagebreak]

Life Path number 4

Your methodical approach to life translates to your closet as well. You make sure to stock your wardrobe with many styles that fit you best (and are most flattering), and you are never lacking in the right piece of apparel: you have the black slacks, the little black dress, the crisp white shirt and the fitted blazer. Most likely, your friends call you up when they need to wear the right thing to a job interview or conservative wedding.

On the downside, you might be too utilitarian. While you might have the right suit for a business meeting, it's five to one that the suit is overly generic. Branch out -- you know exactly what you need to hang in your closet, so make sure the clothes you buy are more than functional. Add some sass! Diverge just slightly from the norm: find a crisp white blouse with subtle embroidery on it, or blazers that are in slightly unexpected prints.

But make sure that whatever you buy is of as good a quality as you are: you can become lost in your work and special projects, and you need clothing that can keep up with you!

Quality is also especially important to you because you have a strong sense for finances and security. You want to know that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. That said, don't be afraid to gamble occasionally on a new piece for your wardrobe. Consider new, unusual clothes an investment: you may be considered a "bedrock" type person, but isn't it fun to keep your friends guessing?

Life Path number 5

You of all Life Path numbers can go craziest with your fashion choices, as long as they aren't too constricting: wear fabrics that breathe and move with your active lifestyle! Feel free to sport animal prints, paisleys, tribal patterns and whatever else strikes your fancy. You are a freedom-loving number, and your clothes should reflect this.

You're also extremely social, so keep your closet stocked with outfits for all kinds of occasions: fancy dress events, formal dinners and themed dress-up parties most likely fill your calendar, so be ready to be on the go. Keep your shoes comfy but cute -- sandals are an excellent choice for you, if the climate allows!

At the same time, make sure you keep some of the basics on hand. Your whimsical nature draws a lot of admirers, but occasionally you will need to attend more serious or somber affairs, and you don't want to put people off or appear disrespectful by showing up in a tie-dyed, floor-length sarong. Since you do flirt with impulsive behavior, having more staid options in your closet (a crisp white shirt, a dress suit) can keep you grounded. There will be some days when dressing with basics can keep you focused on the task at hand, so make sure to stock up on a couple pairs of trousers, neutral sweaters and collared shirts.

Life Path number 6

Because your compassionate nature can lead you to give too much of yourself, finding your stride, style-wise, could be therapeutic. Focus on the fashions that appeal most to you.

You are a naturally grounded person, so you'll tend toward the tried-and-true, clothing-wise: classic cuts in jeans and frocks, colors that aren't terribly provocative or bright. Because of your steady nature, you should opt for clothes that are timeless rather than trendy. After all, it isn't in your nature to shop 'til you drop, so make sure that the clothing you acquire is of the quality and kind to last you for years to come.

Items like the little black dress for all occasions, a go-with-anything cardigan or blazer and boots that are both comfy and a little cutting-edge will all go a long way toward keeping you in style -- and also keep you available to be the shoulder to cry on ... this is your forte!

6s tend to attract admiration when and where they least expect it -- your clothing choices have a lot to do with this! You might think your tastes are simple, but you are actually walking a fine line between demure and dashing. Your harmony-seeking nature enables you to choose clothes that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You also have naturally nurturing tastes, so you're drawn to soft fabrics.[pagebreak]

Life Path number 7

If ever there was a number cut out for sweats and a t-shirt, it's Life Path number 7. That's not to say you lack class or taste, simply that your attention is turned inward and upward. You are a deep person with spiritual passions, and you prefer not to spend most of your time primping. Since so much of your life is devoted to study and seeking higher wisdom, fashion is not at a premium for you. Strike a balance between comfort and being presentable by filling your closets with loose-fitting pants, breathable knits and fabrics that make you feel at home all the time. It's entirely possible you work from home, or that you spend much of your free downtime at home. It is therefore advisable to have plenty of clean sweatshirts, sweatpants and tees at your disposable.

But remember the adage "no man is an island?" That's true for women as well, and whatever passionate path you're on mentally and spiritually, you will find the need to connect with other like-minded individuals. You have the mind of a detective, always searching out new information and seeking to have your questions answered. Take special care that you are well turned-out when you leave the house -- this will gain you credibility and the trust of others.

Also, your solitary pursuits make you very interesting company. Do make sure to go out every once in a while, and on those occasions, let your natural charm and attractiveness shine through. It doesn't take much effort -- a simple dress with a feminine touch, for example, will do the trick.

Life Path number 8

Your Life Path number has the greatest potential for material wealth, but it comes at the cost of great effort. Therefore, "dress the part" applies to you most of all. Find a way to dress like a million bucks -- on a budget. Be careful, because 8s can also be extremely reckless with their resources.

It is your imagination and vision that will make you the big bucks and get you the attention, so go for formal with only the occasional touch of flamboyance. Get a little bit of bling and make sure that your outfits make a positive impression. This doesn't mean wearing something with a plunging neckline, provocatively high hemline or loud print: you can wear bateau-necked sweaters and wow people with your sense of elegance, for example. Since you are trying to be taken seriously, go for solid colors over unusual prints.

It isn't always easy to get others to see your vision, so make sure you don't distract them with how you present yourself: think "less is more," then make an impression with subtly distinct outfits. Pair simple dresses with savvy, classy shoes, for example.

Life Path number 9

Your humanitarian interests ensure that you don't spend too much time in front of the mirror or digging through the closet. Utility is the name of the game for you, and you don't want to spend too much time fretting or spending money on what should, for you, be function, not fashion. You could never spend too much money on clothes, but you can combine your passion for various causes with simply getting dressed -- stock up on Amnesty International tees, or even clever shirts that make people think about the state of the world.

You may be getting your hands dirty planting a community garden or building a house for Habitat for Humanity, but make sure that you dress simply rather than slovenly. If you're drumming up support for your passion, you need people to know you are professional. Whether you're trying to get a grant, donations or more volunteers, you need to present yourself in a way that makes others feel they can relate to you.

Because you also have a streak of the creative and romantic to you, make sure that you choose simple clothes with flattering cuts -- you can satisfy all sides of your overwhelmingly generous nature. You don't have to spend a ton on outfitting yourself, either -- go to thrift stores and second-hand shops to find comfy tees, movable dresses and shirts.

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