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In Numerology, many factors go into determining a person's personality, including name and birth date. From this information, you can get a wealth of insight: your personal tendencies and habits, strengths and weaknesses, passions and causes.

One of the most important numbers to look at in your Numerology profile is your Life Path number, since it determines what you're all about. And while it can guide you to the right career and lifestyle choices, your Life Path number also has more everyday applications -- like what you should be wearing!

Read on to get the rundown on the clothing styles that reflect your life, your habits and your true self.

Life Path number 1

Since you're a born leader and like to be in control, opt for business-wear -- trousers in place of jeans, blouses instead of your run-of-the-mill t-shirts and plain sweaters. You need to wear clothes that show you have authority.

Shoe-wise, go for kitten heels or sensible pumps. You'll feel like you command respect, without going too far out on a fashion limb. They're also sensible for all the moving and shaking you'll be doing throughout your day!

But just because you're dressing business-appropriately doesn't mean you should be wearing bland colors; quite the opposite. Go for bold, daring hues that respect your status but also draw the eye to you. You love the limelight, so put on colors and don't be afraid of prints. Make it clear that center stage is exactly where you belong, and where you expect to remain.

At the same time, don't wear high-maintenance clothes that call for constant adjustment or checking. With this Life Path number, there is the danger that you can become too obsessed with how you look. Make sure you're comfortable!

Life Path number 2

You are not naturally at ease as the center of attention; you are the middleman (or woman), so dress comfortably to withstand whatever difficult situations you might have to smooth over, and make sure that the fabrics you choose are smooth to the touch. They should be muted in color -- earth tones, pastels and neutrals are your style.

But don't shy away from "natural chic" -- sun dresses that flow, skirts that don't cling too tightly, peasant blouses and comfy sweaters. You are a born comforter, so dressing in a way that shows your connection to both creativity and peace will get the point across.

You can be shy and modest to a fault, so don't be afraid to try out more daring cuts -- show cleavage occasionally, or opt for something off the shoulder. You have a natural, warm beauty -- don't disguise it with too many layers or by covering up out of a sense of insecurity. Also remember to tap into your creative side. Experiment with scarves and other accessories that show your gentle but artistic nature (think a dialed-down Stevie Nicks).

Life Path number 3

Your ability to express yourself translates well to your wardrobe. Your personality is charming and unusual, so don't be afraid to experiment with unusual cuts, styles and trends. If you draw puzzled stares, embrace it!

But don't think this gives you free license to go hippie chic or full-out Bohemian. You're at your best when you're focused, and when you give off that impression of discipline. Veer toward professional: think of pairing flowy or flaunty dresses with blazers. A good rule of thumb is to put one unusual item of clothing with one more conventional piece to achieve maximum allure.

Interestingly enough, because you have such a great sense of humor (and because people respect your witty turn of phrase), you can also get away with clever novelty t-shirts. These work best over pressed jeans and fashionable shoes, because slovenly or casual isn't really your style (you don't want to be overlooked, do you?).

Just don't go too overboard with fashion. Make sure to frequent used and vintage clothing stores, or exchange boutiques, since 3s are known for spending more than they have. Luckily, this works for you: an edge of the retro, finished off by your impeccable sense of style, ensures that you are able to truly be yourself: iconic and presentable.