College Majors Numerology

College Majors Numerology

The numbers to get you on course

While your college major doesn't necessarily define what you'll be doing professionally for the rest of your life, it certainly helps guide you to your ultimate path.

Numerology can narrow down your choices, or provide the answers you need if you're questioning your current major.

To get the information you need to help you choose a college major, first you need to find your Life Path number, the most important number in your Numerology chart.

Using your name and birth date, you can use that number to find the most fulfilling major -- and career goal. 

Life Path number 1

As the most masculine Life Path number, you probably won't be satisfied with a job in which you don't get the last word -- that's because you're a leader at heart. Consider self-employment and freelancing in a creative field, like journalism or graphic design. Also, a more aggressive position in law or engineering may work well for you ... something that requires great tenacity!

Life Path number 2

The feminine number 2 is strong and driven, and you need a job that requires your high level of intuition. While education, medicine or psychology may be more stressful positions than others, you would excel based on your endurance and nurturing personality.

Life Path number 3

The 3 is extremely creative -- cubicles and 9 to 5? No thanks! You'll be happier doing something less traditional, and stability isn't as important to you as it is to others. Media arts like TV and advertising, along with biology and psychotherapy would make smart career choices. 

Life Path number 4

The 4 needs discipline and a regular day-to-day schedule in order to feel as though everything is in the right place. While athletics and architecture would make a good fit, finance and business administration take advantage of your impeccable organizational skills.

Life Path number 5

Because you can adapt to pretty much any job you take, the job hunt itself can be overwhelming. Get off the grid and instead focus on what will simply make you happy -- that could mean PR or creative marketing since you're so savvy -- or starting up your own business! But a job as a firefighter or stuntman could also feed your brave hunger for a good ol' adrenalin rush. 

Life Path number 6

The social 6 needs a job around other people, and also one that sticks (you do like to job jump). Holistic medicine, urban planning or landscape design would give you job security and would also have you working for the greater good.

Life Path number 7

The practical dreamer within you requires a position in which you can let your mind wander in order to reach innovation. Consider physics, chemistry, math and astronomy, or pursue economics with a creative twist. Theater arts or modern dance would fit your artistic talents, too. If you're at all interested in theology, consider studying to become a religious leader of some sort.

Life Path number 8

8s are business savvy and authoritative. Since you may have a unique interest in justice, studying law or political sciences would be a great path. At the same time, you like to work within a system, so when the time comes to look for a job, seek out employment at a large, established firm in a medical or psychology field -- then make your way to the top through diligence and strong business ethics! .

Life Path number 9

9s are all about helping mankind. This could be through studying our pasts to help us better understand our future (think archeology), or through taking a scientific path to help others understand their current reality (fields like anthropology and sociology). Social work, coaching, counseling and mediation would all be great fits for your diplomatic mind. If you decide to volunteer, think the Peace Corps or Doctors Without Borders.

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