Celebrity Sun Numbers

Celebrity Sun Numbers

Well-known stars who've capitalized on the talents of their Sun Number

In Numerology, the month and date on which you were born determines your personal Sun Number. We all have one, and it's key in influencing the way we deal with the constant barrage of change that life brings. It's a surface-level descriptor of our personality and the way we act and react in any given situation.

So let's see it in action! We've picked out a few well-known celebrities who've dealt with much change throughout life to show you how they've leaned on the traits of their Sun Number to help pull themselves through.

Angelina Jolie: Sun Number 1

The Sun Number 1 tends to make a person a bit bull-headed and confrontational in his or her reactions. As the famous daughter of actor Jon Voight, many don't associate Angelina with her father because of their on-and-off periods of estrangement. While Angelina won't explain the reasons behind it, she has completely cut her father out of years of her adult life. Whatever the reasons, Angelina is using the impulsive, stubborn side of the 1 to deal with this situation, a side that leaves little room for flexibility and understanding.

And who could forget Angelina's love life? This universal sex symbol is probably best known for pulling Jennifer Aniston's husband Brad Pitt right out from under her nose. 1s often want to control relationships, and proving that she can have any man on earth -- even one that's already taken -- is certainly a sign of control. The 1 also portrays an incredible sense of confidence, which Angelina not only has, regardless of the public's view of her off-the-beaten-path ways, but many would even say this is the exact trait that kicks her sex appeal up a few dozen notches.

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Kate Hudson: Sun Number 5

Free-spirit actress Kate Hudson has certainly faced her fair share of change throughout life -- being born into a famous family, marrying a famous rocker, having a child, divorcing the rocker, dating a famous athlete, surgically altering her body, meeting another famous rocker, having another child -- whew! We hope she's well-equipped to handle this dynamic life!

And she is, thanks to her Sun Number 5. In fact, 5s often do better in an environment that offers much change. These unconventional souls love to be on the move, and are often not the best at maintaining stable, long-term relationships -- which is just fine with them. However, when confronted with unexpected change, substances can be an issue. Not only has Kate compared pregnancy to "being stoned" in the past, but photos also surfaced during her last pregnancy showing Kate drinking while pregnant. Some say this is bad, others say it's not as big of a deal as it once was -- we're just reporting the facts! One way or another, while many would become frantic in the life Kate leads, her 5 Sun Number helps her take it all in stride.

Prince William: Sun Number 9

When you're born into royalty, you're born into a privileged, demanding and highly-publicized lifestyle, so you sure better be able to handle the ups and downs with tact -- and Prince William falls no short of this. Not only is Wills second in line to become the King of England, he's also been forced to deal with the death of his mother and carry through all the steps of an extravagant wedding on a very public stage.

The Sun Number 9 carries a fairly aloof and objective personality, which fits well with the historically-minded royal family whose roots are deeply planted in tradition, not progressive change. In addition, the 9 is the most globally-conscious of Sun Numbers, making William very well-suited to rule in this advanced, always changing and technologically-connected 21st century. In fact, Sun Number 9s are perfect for a career in politics, military and leadership -- how appropriate for this destined-to-be king!

The Sun Number 9 is quite skilled at handling the unexpected, and the death of Prince William's mother Princess Diana in 1997 was certainly a blindsiding experience. While many 15-year-old children would crumble when forced to handle this experience -- in front of the world, no less -- the calm and composed demeanor given off by young Prince William was praised extensively by the public.

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