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We've recently seen a slew of celebrity babies entering the world with some pretty obscure names: from Jessica Simpson's baby girl "Maxwell" to Kate Hudson's new boy "Bing" to David and Victoria Beckham's girl "Harper Seven." The fact that many celebrities choose to adorn their children with unconventional names is nothing new, but these most recent additions got us really looking into the subject -- and we came across some totally wild names!

Regardless of the reasons for choosing such names, these children will live with these names for their whole lives -- and we hope the teasing they'll likely endure will be well worth it! So we're going beyond the obscurity, looking into the Numerology of some of our favorite finds to get at their deeper meaning.

Pilot Inspektor

The son of actor Jason Lee, "Pilot Inspektor" is an offbeat but surprisingly decent name, numerologically speaking. Dominated by the number 1 and supported by an 8 and a 2, "Pilot Inspektor" is a powerful and ambitious name, balanced with an air of compassion and friendliness. If young Pilot does ever face a bit of ridicule surrounding his name, his numbers actually support a confidence that won't likely be fazed by the teasing remarks. And luckily, since this name evokes an underlying sense of belonging and warmth, chances are he won't face much mockery in the first place.

Moxie Crimefighter

"Moxie Crimefighter" may sound like the latest comic book hero, but she's actually the daughter of comedian/magician Penn Jillette, of Penn & Teller. But as cool as her name may sound, unfortunately the numbers behind it really aren't in sync. Dominated by the number 7 and supported by a 3 and a 4, "Moxie Crimefighter" is an intuitive and intelligent name, but the creativity and eccentricity brought about by the 7 and the 3 are too stark a contrast to the very rigid, practical style of the 4, adding much conflicting energy to this name.