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For the curious-minded and Numerologists alike, the Personal and the hidden numbers have been included in parenthesis with each Sun Number, but if these numbers do not make sense to you, don't worry about them!

Sun Number 1 (5,5,6 & 1,2,1)

Any plans you had for today are likely to be disrupted, as chaos and unexpected events rule the day. The winds blow against you, so it's better to hole up and stay out of the way. On the upside, others are standing ready to support you.

Sun Number 2 (6,6,7 & 3,4,3)

Issues with friends and/or family members make their company barely tolerable today. They seem to be irrational and unfair in their judgments and expectations. The truth is, you are likely the one who is a bit unreasonable and impatient. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and you just might see things differently.

Sun Number 3 (7,7,8 & 5,6,5)

Today your attention span is shorter than usual, your ability to focus on practical matters is pretty much non-existent, and the fact that realistic problems requiring viable solutions are demanding your attention doesn't help. Stress and confusion make this a tough day. Basically, if you have any sick days coming, today might be a good day to use one.

Sun Number 4 (8,8,9 & 7,8,7)

This is one of the few Sun Numbers who can benefit from the kind of energy caused by this day's crop of Universal cycles. Business and financial matters are favored. Trust your insight and be decisive. Take control. This day brings opportunities, so be alert.

Sun Number 5 (9,9,1 & 9,1,9)

You are easily distracted and a bit scattered. This can make you accident prone and cause you to make bad decisions. Avoid or postpone financial issues and all business matters. There is a possibility that someone you trusted turns against you, most likely in your work environment.

Sun Number 6 (1,1,2 & 2,3,2)

Aggression and impulsive behavior should be kept under control today. Discipline and restraint are a must. Take a few (like a dozen or more) deep breaths before finally telling your boss what's what -- or your neighbor or your spouse or anyone else who has been on your radar for a while. Also, try not to spend money if you don't need to. You excel in bad decisions on this day. On the upside, a breakthrough or major progress of some kind is possible.

Sun Number 7 (2,2,3 & 4,5,4)

Let's do a bit of backstabbing, shall we? Your Machiavellian instincts are in top form today. Spying, eavesdropping, and other underhanded methods of acquiring information are quite possible. Unfortunately, those things can backfire, so be aware. But all the signs point to a need to strengthen your position, and since the subtle, feminine forces are strong right now, being a bit sneaky might actually be a good -- and necessary -- thing.

Sun Number 8 (3,3,4 & 6,7,6)

This Sun Number is actually favored by this day's otherwise disharmonious forces. Self promotion, drive, ambition, and a take-charge attitude will help you get the most of it. Don't be afraid to communicate. Challenge those who are skeptical of your ideas and abilities, and convince them they are wrong. Your personal power is enhanced now, so use it.

Sun Number 9 (4,4,5 & 8,9,8)

On the downside today, you feel drawn in opposite directions, doubt and questions make you insecure and indecisive, and the overall feeling is one of disharmony and instability. On the upside, your foundation is becoming stronger, in part because you come into information that will help you make some tough choices. There could also be a financial windfall or the news that one is on the horizon.

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