12/12/12 Numerology

12/12/12 Numerology

For years people have been fixated on the date December 21, 2012, because of its connections to the end of the Mayan calendar and, to some, the predicted date of the end of the world. But, in Numerology, just as important is the repeating date December 12, 2012, or 12/12/12.

Right off the bat 12/12/12 is an interesting date, solely because of its repetition of the number 12. This repeating date is an annual pattern we've experienced for the last 12 years -- since 1/1/01, to be exact. But a 13th month does not exist, and so next year -- and until January 1, 2101, in fact -- we will not experience another of these repeating dates. After 12/12/12, it will not happen again for another 89 years.

Even more importantly, the numbers that make up the date 12/12/2012, plus the numbers derived through Numerology calculations, are the exact same numbers as those in the widely-known date 12/21/2012. The numbers in both dates add to 11, and the Pinnacle numbers and Challenge numbers are exactly the same for each date. In both dates, almost every Challenge number (the numbers that suggest difficulties) is 2. So what do these numbers combine to mean?

In Hans Decoz' 2012 Numerology article, in which he analyzes the date 12/21/2012, he says: "The sum total of 11 ... combined with a Second, Main, and Fourth Challenge of 2 is what makes this date particularly promising. Not only does it reflect that the level of sensitivity and insight into all matters of the heart is sky-high, but the 2 Challenges also create a vacuum that needs to be filled with a sense of love and brotherhood. It's the perfect storm of brotherly love and individual awareness. It is a Bringer of Peace."

Lucky for us, we don't have to wait until 12/21/2012 ... we get our first crack at this compassionate energy on 12/12/2012. Of course the energy and events that happen closer to your life on these dates are based on your personal and unique name and birth date. Be sure to Log in  or Sign up for a free membership and head to the Numerology.com homepage to see your Number of the Day and the influence it has over your world!

And to see if there are numbers and behavior patterns that repeat within your own life and self, get your complete Numerology Personality Profile from Tarot.com!

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