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For brand new babies born on 11/11/11, this date follow them for their entire lives, influencing them in profound ways. How, you ask? Here we go!

The Life Path is a person's longest cycle, running, unchanged, from birth to death. Those born on 11/11/11 will have an 8 Life Path, which infuses a person with ambition and drive, success, financial skills, and an eye for the big picture. The 8 tends to focus on tangible successes though, and could therefore use a dose of connectivity and emotion to offset these materialistic tendencies. Being born on the 11th of the month, 11/11/11 babies will have just that. With an 11 Birth Day number, balance comes from the 11's ability to work with other people -- its deep sense of intuition and sensitivity and its inspiring influence. When the 8 Life Path is supported by the 11 Birth Day, the potential for success grows much greater.

Now this all sounds quite nice, but we all know that no life comes without challenges, and for 11/11/11 babies, that challenge will come largely from their first Pinnacle cycle, lasting until about age 28. This first Pinnacle is another Master number, a 22, a number of extremes that can bring significant difficulty when it comes up that early in life. This could play out as nervous tension, trouble staying on track, and an inability to think long-term. These people can certainly still do well, but will probably have difficulty understanding their own strengths and weaknesses. On a positive note, however, a handful of 11/11/11 children will actually be able to harness the power of the 22 Pinnacle and achieve profound success much earlier in life than the average Joe.

After this 22 Pinnacle, much more emphasis will be placed on building a family and slowing down a bit -- becoming more grounded and comfortable -- during the 30s. Near age 40, though, 11/11/11 people will enter their happiest and most successful period of life. They will be fully in charge of their lives and find great strength through leadership and personal power. This is the time when 11/11/11s will truly bloom. Around age 50 and beyond, the focus shifts back to enriching relationships with family and friends and caring for others.

Those born on 11/11/11 may very well struggle throughout life when trying to understand and express their emotions, and therefore they could be difficult to get to know. Nonetheless, their understanding of others will be great -- far deeper than most people -- and this intuitive nature will be key to their success.

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