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Enter and win in our June photo contest!

Share your photos and become a part of the pattern! Each month we host a user-submitted photo contest to keep you tuned in to the patterns, numbers and beauty that surrounds you. In a scattered world of visual and information overload, we recognize the importance of connectivity and awareness -- help us decode the larger patterns in the world by entering your photos today!

The theme for June 2011 is...


To celebrate the arrival of the bright, light summer season, this June we're focusing on the Sun -- Sun Number, that is! Every person has a Sun Number, based on your unique birth date, and it largely influences the way you approach life. So this month, we're challenging you to find your Sun Number in your environment. Grab your camera or mobile device and take a shot of your Sun Number wherever you find it -- you can be as literal or abstract as you'd like, the interpretation is up to you! Learn what your Sun Number is here.

Looking for inspiration? Our staff submitted their Sun Number photos to give you some examples -- check out the photo gallery now!

You don't have to be a great photographer -- you won't be judged on quality. The goal of this contest is to give our community a chance to live actively and pay attention to the numerological queues around you, building your awareness and creating a better understanding of yourself and the environment in which you live.