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2011 month by month

Looking at 2011 month by month, January stands out as chaotic, bringing unexpected changes that will see us, figuratively speaking, reeling and scrambling to survive. Not so metaphorically will be the real danger of volcanoes, earthquakes and other acts of God that we can expect during January, with a second wave occurring in October.

February of 2011 is more stable and brings some of our basic needs to the foreground, especially family affairs and loyalty. The economy shows signs of improvement, and one or more important medical breakthroughs may give hope and brighten the future for many. March then brings with it acts of religious fanaticism and other dangerous side-effects of spiritual and intellectual ignorance.

April is ruled by an 8 and should bring a measure of balance, but also more violence and aggression, especially by and against authority. May should have a calming effect, bringing progress in many areas, but mostly in politics and diplomacy, including a genuine effort to bring peace to parts of the world where harmony has been a rare commodity.

June and July bring a surge of energy with some sensational and history-making events, scientific breakthroughs and a boost to the global economy. Then August has a more creative energy.

September puts the brakes on everything and is the month most illustrative of the energies and influences of the year 2011 as described before; including the lack of vision and the emphasis on trivial matters. October is disruptive and brings turmoil similar to what occurred during January, while November brings a more compassionate energy.

December will go down as the month when a new voice is first heard worldwide, a voice of reason, a voice of humanity, a voice of hope. For those of us who can read the subtle signs, it offers the first glimpse of the hidden evolution that was mentioned earlier. In a way, December is a precursor to what the second half of this transformative nine-year cycle brings.