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Born on the 26th of the Month

Your strengths

You have a good sense of money and a talent for business. Your approach to business is original, creative and daring. ... more

Born on the 27th of the Month

Your strengths

You are a born leader, an efficient manager, capable of organizing and inspiring others. You are especially talented in the ... more

Born on the 28th of the Month

Your strengths

You possess a gift for leadership, but it is employed best through cooperative effort. Your means are generally gentle persu ... more

Born on the 29th of the Month

Your strengths

You are highly intuitive and creative. Your mind thinks in pictures. You seem to draw information and ideas from out of the ... more

Born on the 30th of the Month

Your strengths

You have a highly developed creative talent. You are an artist at heart. You could excel in writing, visual or performing ar ... more

Confessions of an Accidental Numerologist

I can still remember the little blue hard-cover book that ended up in my possession and introduced me to Numerology.

... more

Ask the Right Question, Get the Right Answer

A couple of weeks ago I watched a CBS Sunday morning interview with a renowned psychologist and researcher who specializes in near-death experiences. ... more

Art and Numerology

If you were to ask me what my first passion is, Numerology or art, I would be unable to give you an answer. ... more

Mardi Gras Numerology

Historically, Mardi Gras is the storm-like celebration before the calm of the six-week Lent season, when Christians make personal sacrifices (and l ... more

Earth Day, Decoded

Every year on April 22, groups and individuals all over the world gather to honor their home planet while bringing awareness to environmental issue ... more

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What are Master Numbers?

One of the most fascinating and least understood aspects of Numerology has to do with the Master Numbers. There are three Master Numbers. They are ... more

Murder by Numbers: The Numerology of Famous Serial Killers

... more

Double-Digit Numbers

In Numerology, your name and birth information tell you which numbers dominate your life. These numbers can tell you a lot about your own personali ... more

Numerology Compatibility

In Numerology, the most important number to look at in relationships, especially romantic relationships, is your Life Path number. ... more

Karmic Debt Numbers

Numerology is based on the idea that each of us is a spiritual being, or a soul, who incarnates many times in order to further evolve toward higher ... more

Hidden Passion Numbers

Numbers that appear several times in your name represent a particular strength or ability -- symbolized by your Hidden Passion number -- and theref ... more