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When Master Numbers Matter

The question of when Master numbers should be reduced to single ,digits in Numerology, and when they should be left in their double-digit ... more

My First Responsibility

For those of you who have read some of my previous blogs, the fact that I love a good analogy probably comes as no surprise. ... more

The Healing Power of Being Sick

Like pretty much everyone I know in my home town of Bisbee, Arizona, recently I, too, had the opportunity recently of spending a few days in bed co ... more

Chaldean Numerology

There are quite a few differences between the Chaldean and the Pythagorean systems. ... more

Karmic Lessons and Karmic Debt Numbers

Numerology considers two kinds of numbers to be "karmic." The numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19, no matter where they are found in the chart, are called "K ... more

Karmic Lessons and How They Affect You

In a previous blog, I talked about the Karmic Debt numbers 13, 14, 16, and 19, which can be found in any location in a personal Numerology chart. Y ... more

Essence and Transit Cycles vs. Personal Year Cycles

Most people who are familiar with Numerology generally know their Personal Year cycles. ... more

Numerology Books

The study of Numerology requires more than simply reading a few Numerology books. ... more

Adding up to Answers

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the universal language of numbers. ... more

5/21/2011: Doomsday or Wedding Day?

This Week's Dear Hans Reader Asked...

Dear Hans,

I am getting married on May 21, 2011. After my fianc ... more

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Your Personal Year Cycles

The most important medium-term cycles in Numerology are the Personal Year cycles and the Essence cycles. ... more

The Letters of Your Name

When decoding your own name, it's important to realize that in Numerology, each letter in your name has a corresponding number, and that the placem ... more

Expression Numbers

Your Expression number is one of your core numbers, which are the most important numbers in your Numerology chart. Based on the letters of your ful ... more

Chinese vs. Western Numerology

Numerology is no one-trick pony. While the Pythagorean method is the most popular system used by enthusiasts and experts in the west, Chinese Numer ... more

Balance Numbers

People experience different internal responses to life's challenges. Some withdraw from difficult situations to think them through, while others wi ... more

Your Best Career Path

We all hope to find the kind of career that fits us so well, and gives us so much joy, that we almost feel guilty getting paid for it. ... more