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Santa Claus Numerology

All around the world, people celebrate their version of a mythical holiday gift-giver. ... more

Holiday Numerology

The cold winter months bring many chances for warm festivities, depending on your cultural or religious background. ... more

The Year 2012

The nine-year cycle that lasts from 2008 - 2017 is the most important nine-year cycle in centuries. ... more

Thanksgiving Numerology

The Thanksgiving holiday means something different for everyone. Throughout history, communities all over the world have celebrated the bountiful h ... more

11/11/11 Predictions

11/11/11 is bringing a very rare opportunity to see your life in a whole new light. It's a day when our lives blend together on a higher level than ... more

Faith, Grace and Coincidences

Coincidences have always intrigued me. Not just the event or chain of events that could be considered coincidental, but the mechanics behind them.< ... more

The 5 Comes Alive this Halloween

I come from a long line of family members who truly thrive in the fall season. ... more

1492 Numerology

"In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue..."

... more

Monster Numerology

Each Halloween, some familiar freaky faces reappear to set the tone for a night of trickery and treats. ... more

Halloween Numerology

Halloween is a time for candy, costumes and all things creepy and weird. This ancient celebration wasn't always that way, though. ... more

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What is a Sun Number?

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The Letters of Your Name

When decoding your own name, it's important to realize that in Numerology, each letter in your name has a corresponding number, and that the placem ... more

Expression Numbers

Your Expression number is one of your core numbers, which are the most important numbers in your Numerology chart. Based on the letters of your ful ... more

Chinese vs. Western Numerology

Numerology is no one-trick pony. While the Pythagorean method is the most popular system used by enthusiasts and experts in the west, Chinese Numer ... more

Balance Numbers

People experience different internal responses to life's challenges. Some withdraw from difficult situations to think them through, while others wi ... more

June 2019 Numerology Predictions

Summer makes its official grand entrance this month, inviting each and every one of us to brighten up our lives. ... more