Universal Perfection

Universal Perfection

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Dear Hans,
With all the technology we have in knowing when a child will be born, and with doctors being able to prolong a pregnancy or schedule when the baby will be born (c-section), could this affect the baby's life path journey? If a baby is projected to be born on a certain date, but the parents choose to have the baby born on a different date by the doctor performing a procedure, will this change the destiny of the child? Or, if someone is interested in Numerology, will picking a "good date" for their baby to be born ultimately affect the baby's life path?

Thanks for everything Hans,

Dear Logan,
The underlying premise of Numerology, or any other form of metaphysics, is that there exists a perfect synchronicity and connectedness underneath the physical/material world. Consider the word "perfect" used in the previous sentence. It means that there is no possibility of a fault, an imperfection or anything random or accidental. In fact, when this subject comes up in a conversation, I like to point out that the only limitation of perfection is just that, the inability to make a mistake. This is something that is easily accepted as a truth if you are so inclined, however, it is impossible to truly understand the full extent of this concept of perfection and infinity when your only tool is the limited capacity of the mind.

Having said that, this concept accepts the fact that mankind has evolved to the point that it can "schedule" the birth of a child as part of that same perfect synchronicity. Which, of course, also concludes that if a child under natural circumstances would have been born on, say the 12th, but the parents are in a hurry, or like the number 11, or the doctor is supposed to have the 12th off, and they decide to do a c-section that brings the child into this world a day early, that, too, is part of that same perfection that underlies all of creation. In the end, because the child was born on the 11th, that is the perfect moment for that child's birth, it is the time that child was meant to be born, no matter what the circumstances.

You could also look at this from the other end of the spectrum. If a person might have been able to live 86 years, 3 months and 4 days before the body gives out due to natural causes, but instead a mugger shortens that life by 30 years with the help of a gun, that, too, could be considered a mistake by those who believe in randomness -- or a legitimate part of life's perfect connectedness by those who view life from that perspective.

This all reminds me of the story of a holy man, a seer, who walks down a beach with one of his students. They pass a happy couple with a beautiful baby. The seer tells the student to take his sword and kill the child. The student, of course, refuses. The seer then helps the student to look twenty years into the future where he can see that same child turned into a coldblooded killer, a murderer of hundreds of innocents.

Perfection is what it is. And it is the basis of all of existence. The trouble is that it is almost impossible for us to recognize it as such for the simple reason that we judge. It is our nature to judge. We see things as good or as bad, and many shades in between, but we judge constantly. And we judge only what we can see, which is, to use a pretty accurate proportion, about 1 in 1 gazillion (or quadrillion, or whatever humongous number you can come up with).

Sincerely, Hans

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