24 Careers and Counting!

24 Careers and Counting!

My dad used to tell me that I was squandering my time and my talents by switching jobs so frequently. He probably had a point. By the time I was 30 I had worked a dozen different jobs, and none for more than nine months. Come to think of it, most of them didn't even make the three month mark. At the time, I had already been playing around, off and on, with Numerology, so I told my dad I blamed it on the misfortune of having so many fives in my chart. He didn't buy it.

The truth is, I didn't either. It just sounded like a good excuse.

And yet, in my later career as a professional Numerologist, I realized that as excuses go, that one was actually legitimate. I have met too many fives -- and heard too many stories of countless career changes and the everlasting challenge of finding one that would last -- to not recognize that the 5 simply doesn't have an easy time choosing a career and sticking with it. (Make no mistake, it has nothing to do with being lazy, or even irresponsible. All 5s burn calories in spades. I, for one, am a workaholic at heart.)

So there you have it, all you other 5s! If anyone tells you to stay the course when you are absolutely sure it isn't the one for you, quit!

I love quitting, and I am good at it too. Which I am pretty sure is fortunate, because if I hadn't quit all those other careers at some point, I wouldn't be where I am today. Instead, I would probably be miserable and dreaming of what could have been. Chances are I would have better benefits, though. There you go, you pay a price for everything.

I know you are just dying to find out which careers I have tried.

Down below, I will list those that lasted long enough to be taken more or less seriously, and in chronological order, as far as possible. Many of these jobs overlapped or I tried them more than once. (Come to think of it, there might be a parallel between careers and relationships here. Just kidding...)

1. Ceramics (potter's apprentice)

2. Administrator (I know files!)

3. Waiter

4. Bartender

5. Draftsman (the old-fashioned way: on the board, with rapidograph pens)

6. Restaurant manager

7. Artist, painter (and I still owe the Dutch government a pile of rent money)

8. Gardener

9. Trash hauler (great money and lots of fun, if your best friend owns the business)

10. Furniture mover (lousy money, but also friend-owned, so still some good memories)

11. Carpenter

12. General Contractor (small time but independent, although not always entirely legal -- I hate paperwork)

13. Furniture designer/builder (first serious entrepreneurial effort and a total flop ... bye bye savings, hello debts!)

14. AutoCAD drafter (architectural)

15. AutoCAD drafter (piping, mapping, and refineries -- actually worked for an ENRON subsidiary -- don't blame me, though!)

16. Numerologist (Personal consultations -- this one off and on for over two decades, but didn't always pay enough, hence many of the other "careers")

17. Salesperson (wow, do I suck at that!)

18. Traveling salesperson (some people just don't learn)

19. House psychic/Numerologist (expensive club, tuxedo, the works -- fun, good money, and the ladies! Met the guys from ZZ top, other musicians, some TV personalities, a few actors, and a European porn king who offered me a job ... administrative, nothing to get excited about)

20. Graphic designer/illustrator (book covers, mostly ... I Illustrated a martial arts book)

21. Web guy (Sort of -- experienced amateur, so to speak, but heh, who's judging?)

22. Lecturer, teacher (Numerology, of course, and off and on for a couple of decades)

23. Author (one published book and one in the works. As a career, I admit, that's stretching it a bit)

24. Ceramic artist/sculpture (see www.artdecoz.com)

These days, of course, Numerology and ceramics share most of my productive time. And a bit of writing, quite a bit actually. Oh, and I just started a B&B with my wife, but without the breakfast. Life's a blast, there just isn't enough time.

Numerology, by far, has been my main thing for almost four decades. It was always there, and it meant more to me than just about anything else, with art as a close second. Throughout the chaos of all those careers, Numerology was a single, consistent lifeline for me. I hung out a shingle and started doing Numerology professionally in the early '80s, but as anyone who attempts to generate an income with metaphysics knows, that's almost as difficult as making decent money in art. Just my luck that my two main interests had to be the kind that are particularly challenging.

I've got nothing but odd numbers in my chart: 5s, 3s, 7s ... and odd numbers tend to be impractical dreamers. See Daddy, another legitimate excuse to explain my limited success -- money-wise anyway. On the other hand, if you consider your HQ (Happiness Quotient) as the true indicator of success, than I am filthy stinking rich.

So there you have it. During my productive years, there was always the need for another source of income, which is not all bad. It gives you an opportunity to try your hand at other things. I always loved drafting, on the board as well as later when, as we say, I learned to drive a CAD station (top of the line graphics cards, twelve button mouse, etc.). I even still enjoy swinging a hammer when the opportunity arises. In fact, there are quite a few things I still do.

Besides, all those different activities help to satisfy the insatiable curiosity that is also typical of a 5.

I wouldn't want it any other way, and that's the truth. Although I might not have said that 30 or 40 years ago, when I was still under the stupid impression that you were supposed to have one career and one only. No, thank you. I'll take as many as I can get.

And, if you can relate to this kind of chaotic, unfocused career, completely void of any kind of planning or strategy, let me know. Then I will tell you that being happy has nothing to do with hanging on to the same career for forty years. Forget the benefits, the price is too high. Just go for what you love and take it from there. And if your love changes every couple of years, so be it. It's your life, you can do with it what you want. And no one knows better what makes you happy than you.

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