Whoa Baby! Top Baby Names for 2011 Revealed

Whoa Baby! Top Baby Names for 2011 Revealed

It's official, the list of most popular baby names for 2011 is out! And with some really obvious trends showing up just in the letters of these top names, I just knew there had to be some patterns hiding in the numbers of these names, too. Using Hans Decoz's Name Advisor, here's what I discovered!

First off, the list of top eight girl and boy names, listed in order:



Pattern #1:

Every one of the top five girl names ends in the letter A, and five of the eight boy names end with N, too. The last letter of a name is called the Capstone, and represents a person's ability to see things -- processes, projects, relationships -- through to the end. An A Capstone is ambitious and leadership-oriented, and suggests that these girls will be goal-oriented and see things through to completion. With an N Capstone, these boys might be a little more flighty, though. The N is creative and original, but could have a tendency to go off in a few different directions.

I looked at three numbers for each name: the Dominant Impression number (the number that represents the name as a whole), the Vowel Vibration number (representing just the vowels) and the Base Vibration number (representing only the consonants).

Pattern #2:

Throughout all eight girl names, the pioneering, masculine, dominant 1 did not appear once -- ever. Not to mention, the creative, social 3 only showed up once, the 8 appeared once and the humanitarian 9 only came up once as well. And the number that appeared the most was the spiritual 7, by far. So by the time these girls grow up, we can probably look forward to a group that's more focused on spirituality, education and the individual plight as opposed to success and getting ahead at all costs.

Pattern #3

Throughout the boys' names, all numbers showed up at least once, but some more than others. The number that appeared the most in these names was actually the caring, harmonious 6, but the quiet 7 was close behind. However, the diplomatic, feminine 2 appeared just once, as did the communicative 3, the excitement-loving 5 and the do-gooder 9. So once again we've got a crew of boys who will likely grow up to support a more caring approach and the deeper side of life.

Pattern #4

Each name can get up to a 15-star rating, showing how well-rounded and effective the name is -- how well each of the three numbers work together. It's no coincidence that the top girl name, Sophia, and the top boy name, Aiden, both received a top number of stars: 14/15! Clearly the successful vibrations of these names are resonating with parents on a deeper level. For the record, Olivia also scored a 14/15, but the names receiving the lowest ratings on the lists (4/15) were Emma, Jayden, Ethan and Noah.

Want more? Learn about the meaning of the letters in YOUR name here, or get your own Name Advisor report from Tarot.com here! And you can check out the complete list of most popular baby names for 2011 -- top 100 girl and boy names -- here +

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